Ron sent me this one. Pretty much sums it up.


Didja notice that Obungler is willing to negotiate with everyone except Republicans? Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a president and a political party who hated our enemies as much as they hate Republicans?

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  1. 25 Senate alleged Republicans, by cloture vote, decided to fund Romney, err, Obama, err, John RobertsCare, and this is the best argument available – Obama won’t negotiate with alleged Republicans? Fuck me.

    So, I just have to ask, what is the upside? Something along the lines of a Bushie “Compassionate conservative” softer Socialized Medicine PPACA?

    • I agree with you AD when you say “alleged Republicans” when the Republican Party has fake conservatives like Johnny Maverick McRINO and his mini-me Little Lindsey Graham.

      We’re doomed!

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