AOTW 1-31-2014

It should be no surprise that I’m giving the award to Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade for reading a campaign speech off his TelePrompTer on Tuesday night. Of course, he’s the defaut winner every week that I’m too lazy to give it to someone else. Here’s another one for your collection Obungler.


Great Letter!

Someone wrote a Letter to the Editor that somehow got printed! This is a letter I could have written.

The editorial “Giving people a fair chance” (Opinion, Jan. 18) implies the problem lies with America’s top 1 percent. Fifty years ago, our wise government officials declared a War on Poverty and vowed to stamp it out by taxing the “haves” and handing it over to the “have nots.” In 1964, 15 percent of our population was assessed to be living in poverty. In 2014, after the government has handed out trillions of dollars to the “have nots,” we still have a 15 percent poverty rate.

Just think what we could have done with the trillions of dollars we wasted on subsidizing poverty.

Since the total population has doubled in this 50-year period, the number of people living in poverty has also doubled. Perhaps these “Robin Hood” tactics aren’t working very well. Instead of continuing to vilify the rich, why not work harder to keep kids in school and obtain a good education or at least a meaningful trade skill? Why not work harder to prevent 13- to 19-year-old unwed and unemployed teens from having babies? Why not work harder to maintain two-parent families? Why not work harder to raise children in a church setting?

No, that takes work. It’s easier to sit back and blame the rich.

We reward poor people for having children they cannot afford. And that’s the root cause of poverty in the United States: poor people having children they cannot afford. I could solve 90% of the poverty in this country in two generations. If you go on welfare, you get sterilized. You’ve proven you cannot take care of yourselves, so you have to play by my rules. Someone has to be the adult.

Beautiful Engraving Work

Dr. Ray sent me this great work of art.

wrong house

I recently read about some black burglar who was shot and killed by the homeowner while the black criminal was plying his trade. One of the black dude’s relatives said the homeowner should have warned the dude as he was performing his chosen profession. How’s this for a warning?


Hope And Change In One Graph

I lifted the following graph from The Blogmacracy.


Click on image to enlarge.

I saw this after reading in the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation about how strong the recovery is now. Over the last five years we have witnessed over and over again the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party trying to convince us that Obamanomics is working. Remember “Recovery Summer”? Remember “Green Shoots”? Howza ’bout “funemployment” where they tried to convince us that unemployment was actually a good thing. Ex-Speaker Blinky even said that paying unemployment created jobs. WTF? Let’s pay everyone unemployment and it would create so many jobs that we wouldn’t need to pay it. This is the same rocket scientist who said about Obummercare, “We will have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” In a sane world, she would have been locked up in the California Home for the Mentally Bewildered rather that being the most powerful woman in Congress.

Unemployment “plunged” to 6.7%, the lowest level reached during Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade’s regime. And why did it “plunge”? Because more people have given up looking for work.

Workforce participation started dropping when the Dims took over Congress in 2007 and really plunged with the election of Obungler, who has pivoted to jobs so many times he has screwed himself into the ground. And remember Gaffemeister Joe who said the most important thing is “a three letter word. Jobs”. Just imagine if Dan Quayle had said that. The LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party would have split themselves wide open with paroxysms of laughter while writing just how dumb Quayle was.

How many times has Oblunder “focused like a laser” on jobs? He’s in his fifth year and look at his “success”. When unemployment was 5% under Chimpy McHalliburton Bushitler, Dimocrats and the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party called it a jobless recovery. Wouldn’t it be nice to have another “jobless recovery” like that?

We’ve been hearing a lot about how this level of unemployment is a “new normal” and the presidency has gotten “too big for one man”. These are the excuses we constantly hear from the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party when we have a failing Dimocrat president. We heard the same bullshit when Jimmah Carter was president. We didn’t hear this when Reagan was president and he successfully led us out of a worse economy than Oblamebush “inherited”. He also won the Cold War despite the Diomocrat Party trying to undermine his efforts. After all, the rat bastard commies in Russia were kindred spirits to the leaders of the Dimocrat Party. The LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party has to work even harder now since we have a black president and they have invested so much in him up to the point of not doing their due diligence and properly vetting him. We knew more about Sarah Palin three weeks after McRINO picked her to run with him than we will ever know about Obeauzeau. They should hide their faces in shame, but they have none. They are not journalists. They are stenographers and propagandists. Yet many of them actually think they are unbiased. Not only are they lying to us, they’re lying to themselves.

But I digress.

I would really like to see this chart with only black participation. The people Obeavis’ policies have hurt the most are black workers. He has been a disaster for blacks. Lucky for him and the Dimocrats, blacks are so stupid that they continue to vote for the people who have kept them poor, uneducated, and stuck on the Dimocrat plantation. (Yeah. I’m a raaaa-cist for pointing out how stupid blacks are for voting for Obutthead and the Dimocrats) Dimocrats also control the schools, which continue to bombard students with socialist propaganda and the LSM, which is the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party, which reinforces the bullshit that students are fed in the schools. I had one commenter who said he wasn’t brainwashed in the school system and then displayed total cognitive dissonance by pointing out that the longer one goes to school, the more likely that person is to vote for Dimocrats.

Wait until after the 2014 midterms, where we will prolly have three of the six red state Dimocrat senators win reelection running on “fixing” Obummercare. It’s not only blacks who are stupid in voting for Dimocrats. There are plenty of stupid white voters as well.

We’re doomed!

A Day Late

I went out this morning to get today’s Atlanta Urinal and Constipation from my driveway. Turns out it was Wednesday’s paper. I wonder if I’ll get Thursday’s paper tomorrow morning?

Global Warming In Atlanta

Well, we got about an inch of global warming here at GOC Central. That’s all it took to pretty much shut down Atlanta. My friend Michael took six hours to get home from work yesterday. My cleaning lady called me last night to ask me if she could come tomorrow instead of today. Ooops! She just called to put me off until Friday. That means my house will be nice and clean when my sister and bil come on Saturday. My cleaning lady lives up in Bartow County which got more snow than we did here in Beautiful Dunwoody. I didn’t get my paper this morning. One reason I don’t tip my paper guy. Deliver it everyday like I pay for and I would consider it. He misses too many days.

Traffic jams abounded. A baby was born in one on I-285. The local CBS affiliate preempted an NCIS rerun to cover the “snow storm”. Not much of a snow storm. They should have preempted the SOTU speech by Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade as well since it was nothing more than a campaign speech masquerading as a SOTU speech.

No. I didn’t watch him read the words, written by someone else, off his trusty TelePrompTer. I cannot stand looking at him or hearing his voice. I truly hate the man for what he is doing to my beloved country. Everyday he is in office, he makes Chimpy McHalliburton Bushitler look better and better.

How do you uninformed voters like Hope and Change now? As for you stupid racist blacks, who vote skin color, hows that working our for you? The demographic hit the worst by Obungler and his policies are black males. The unemployment numbers for them are staggering as is the number of blacks participating in the workforce which has plummeted. You booger eatin’ moh-rons did much better under the racist Republicans Reagan and both Bushes. But you got a brutha in the White House so that’s all that counts.

And now Obumbler and the Dimocrats are gonna wage war on black teenagers by raising the minimum wage. Go ahead Dimocrats! Kill all of those entry level jobs. Like I always say, Dimocrats love the poor since they create so many of them. I read a great line in the comments on another post by formerlib: One definition of a liberal is that he never looks in the rearview mirror. And history keeps repeating itself.

But I digress.

Atlanta is a southern city. It doesn’t take much snow to bring it to its knees. The Yankee transplants blame the southerners for not knowing how to drive on snow. Unfortunately it’s a lot of those Yankee transplants who think they can drive on snow who cause a lot of the accidents.

Schools were closed. Jeebus! When I was growing up in Webster Groves, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) this would have been nothing. In the thirteen years (K-12) I attended school, from Goodall Elementary to Hixson Junior High to Webster Groves Senior High, I only remember schools being closed twice. When I was a kid, I had to walk three miles to school in a foot of snow, uphill, both ways. The only schools that had school buses were the Catholic schools. We public school students had to walk or ride our bikes or get a ride with our parents or get a ride with parents of other kids. We got a bunch of pussies nowadays.

It sure is purty outside with all of the snow. I know some people who would disagree. It sure is nice being retired. I’ll mark my tenth anniversary in October of this year.

Time flies when you’re having fun.


One of my trolls put me on’s mailing list, so I get regular doses of insanity in my in box. I just got the results of a poll they conducted of the booger eatrin’ moh-rons who make up their constituency. Here are their top seven priorities for the coming year.

1. Work to overturn Citizens United and get money out of our politics.

“Get money out of our politics”? How do you idiots think Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade got elected? He raised more money (much of it illegally) than any other presidential candidate in history. And if you want corporations out of politics to “get the money out of our politics” let’s ban unions as well since they also contribute large sums to candidates, almost all of them giving to Dimocrats. That’s good money in politics to these idiots.

2. Pass a new Voting Rights Act and stop voter suppression in the states.

The only votes we want to suppress are illegal voters and dead voters, who make up a large portion of the Dimocrat Party’s base. Exactly what is wrong with having to prove one is a citizen to vote?

3. Prevent war with Iran.

Let the Mooslime fundamentalist wackos get nukes. Makes a lot of sense to me. I hope when the Islamic fundamentalist wackos do get a bomb and they use it on an American city, that they use it on a city with a lot of liberals progressives rat bastard commies in it. That would be a large city like NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and just about any other large city in the country. It would be a win win. It would kill off a lot of liberals progressives rat bastard commies and it would raise the collective IQ of this country. If they hit Washington DC when Congress was in session and we had a Dimocrat president, it would allow us to start all over and a pissed off electorate would spell doom for the Dimocrats who allowed Iran to get the bomb as well as doom for Iran which we would bomb up to the Stone Age.

4. Raise the minimum wage (federally or locally).

Because nothing spells doom for entry level jobs than raising the minimum wage and forcing employers to pay more for labor than it’s worth. How’s that black teenage unemployment working out?

5. Work to defend and expand Social Security benefits.

Yeah. As a geezer I should be for this. Let’s work to bankrupt Social Security even faster. And while we’re at it, let’s raise the FICA taxes. We’re already screwing the young people with Social Security (they won’t get anywhere near what I’m getting) and Obummbercare, which is killing jobs and wreaking havoc on healthcare in this country. Why stop now? They voted for screwing themselves by voting for Obungler and Dimocrats. Let’s give them what they voted for. Good and hard!

6. Fight against fracking and other polluting industries

Because these Luddites want us to remain dependent upon foreign oil. And they accuse us of being unscientific? These are the same people who are against nuclear power and genetically modified crops. We have been genetically modifying crops for over 100,000 years. Corn originally started out as a weed. Many of these lunatics are against vaccines thanks to noted scientist Jenny McCarthy (a Playboy Playmate) who has an autistic son that she blames on vaccinations.

7. Fully implement Obamacare.

Continue destroying the best healthcare in the world.

So there you go folks. This is the base of the America hating, rat bastard commie Dimocrat Party. This is the enemy. This is their plan to destroy the United States of America. These are the people who call us extremists because we believe in a limited gummint, the Constitution, and living within our means.

Another Rat Bastard Commie Died

Pete Seeger died yesterday. Pardon me while I do not mourn his death. Yeah, he was a good folk singer, but he was also a rabid rat bastard commie who supported Stalin. Like many US rat bastard commies back then, he was against WWII until Hitler attacked the Soviet Union.

I will not miss him.

Ron On The SOTU

I’m not gonna watch the State of the Union tonight. it’s gonna be another campaign speech by Obungler. One of the things he’s gonna read off his TelePrompTer will be inequality. One thing you can be sure of when a liberal progressive rat bastard commie starts speaking about inequality, he doesn’t mean lifting poor people up, but dragging rich people down so they can share the misery of all the poor people his policies have created. This will be a fairly long read so get a cup of coffee, kick back, and enjoy yourself. Here’s Ron interspersed with comments by me.

So, about one human gestation period from now, the US two-party system will spit up a lot of noise, spin up a lot of dust, and spit out a lot of money on candidates for the mid-term elections. Unless the mortally wounded ACA experiences a miraculous cure and the severely injured economy finds a wonder drug to shake off its persistent and massive Obaminfection, the House will remain in “conservative” hands.

You left out the Stupid Party fucking up and imploding like they are capable of doing. Missouri was a slam dunk for the Republicans defeating the odious Claire McCaskill until they nominated an idiot like Todd Akin. McCaskill was so intent on running against him that her campaign gave money to him during the Republican primary. And let’s not forget McRINO and his Minime Little Lindsay Graham. With “Republicans” like them who needs Dimocrats? Then they nominated Mitt Romney, who was far more qualified to be president than Obumbler, but was the only person who could not run against Obummercare since it was modeled after Romneycare.

Thirty-four (or maybe it’s thirty-five) Senate seats will be on the ballots, and in order to gain the majority there, Republicans need to pick up at least 6 more from the left than they have now. One might think that given the sluggish economy, the lack of trust in top-level leadership, and the dangerously low poll numbers for Oblamebush, that shouldn’t be particularly difficult.

Except for the Stupid Party. See Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell.

If conservatives take the Senate and keep the House, El Precedente’s last two years of illegal residence in the White House will be very busy, and he’ll wear out that pen he’s so proud of vetoing a constant flood of bills rushing across the Oval Office desk designed to reverse the damages to the republic of his ill-advised policies and executive orders.

How’s that Arab Spring working out for ya? Benghazi? Quoth Thunder Rodent Thighs “What difference does it make?”

But if past history is any indicator, less than half the eligible voters will actually cast ballots, and most will vote out of habit, roughly 45% Democrat 45% Republican with the rest being non-aligned independents who will make up their minds based on the last paycheck, the last welfare check, or the last unemployment check.

I believe there are 6 red state Dimocrat senators up for reelection. I predict that at least three of them will be reelected even though they voted for Obummercare. Why? Keep reading.

In other words, although great numbers of people say we need to “throw the bums out,” what they really mean is “keep my guy and throw out all the other lousy bastards.” So although what I’d really like to watch is a referendum on Soetoro, I predict that what we’ll see (in addition to ballots from long-dead Democrats and “lost” absentee ballots and “faulty voting machines” in critical precincts) is a fairly close, almost too close to call, thumbs up on the status quo in much of the country.

And remember, Dimocrats will keep demanding recounts until they “find” enough votes for their candidate to win like with Gregoire in Washington and Franken in Minnesota. Then, there will be no more recounts. As an aside here, I watch The Good Wife, because I think Juliana Marguilies is one hot MILF. Yeah, she’s had some surgery on her face but her surgeon did a good job and didn’t botch it like surgeons have done on other actresses like Mary Tyler Moore. Anyway, her husband is an Illinois Republican who won the election for governor but one of his campaign workers stuffed the ballot box in one of the precincts. They got that wrong. In Illinois, it’s the Dimocrats who steal elections. One of my friends told me that his father in Chicago voted Republican until he died. In the past three elections, he’s voted Dimocrat.

And that means, of course, a bright and steady green light for Hillary to damn the Benghazis and full speed into the arena. Meanwhile, the RNC will work feverishly to find a RINO to hem and haw and go through the motions of a campaign destined to lose in the end to DNC propaganda and smear tactics.

Remember, telling the truth about a Dimocrat politician is called Swiftboating in honor of Flipper’s peers in Viet Nam telling the truth about his military service. (Someone on the left has already called telling the truth about the new “feminist icon” Wendy Davis is Swiftboating.) By the way, where are those military records Flipper promised to share? Have you ever noticed that the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party demands that Republican candidates share their tax records, academic records and everything else about their lives while giving Dimocrats a pass? Harry Reid demanded that Romney show us his tax records while refusing to make public his own tax records. Hypocrisy, they name is Horrible Harry. We knew more about Sarah Palin three weeks after McRINO made her his running mate than we’ll ever know about Oblunder. Electing a black president was much more important than actually finding anything out about him.

Several men over the past 50 years have made tremendous strides in dismantling the American people’s trust in the presidency. LBJ started it with his lies and strong-arm tactics and thinly disguised voter-buying scheme (AKA The “Great Society”) which he said would “have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

And, he didn’t sell his War On Poverty by showing us inner city poverty. Nope! He and the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party (Yep! They were every bit as biased back then. They just did a better job of hiding it. After all, this was before the internet and Fox News when they had a monopoly on their propaganda.) took us to Appalachia and showed us poor white people. These were the people who were gonna be helped out by the War on Poverty. This was also when the black family was intact and illegitimacy among blacks was very low. The Great Fucking Society broke up the black family (and white families as well) and gave us over 70% illegitimacy in the black community. If the KKK wanted to destroy the black family and institutionalize poverty among blacks, they could not have done a better job than today’s Dimocrat Party. Remember, the KKK was the militant wing of the Dimocrat Party so it doesn’t surprise me what Dimocrats have done to blacks, and the booger eatin’ moh-rons in the black ghettos keep voting for more of the same. Gimme my welfare check! Gimme my Section 8 housing! Gimme my food stamps! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! I’m entitled because my ancestors were slaves. They should get down on their knees and thank God or Allah (depending on their religion) that their ancestors were brought here as slaves and they’re not living in African slums.

Then came Nixon, the paranoid jerkwad who actually thought he could lie his way out of a scandal like a Clinton or a Soetoro.

Remember, it was three honorable Republican senators who went to the White House and asked Nixon to resign for the good of the country. The Dimocrats don’t have three honorable senators, nor an honorable president, for that matter. The red state Dimocrats running for reelection will lie about fixing or repealing Obummercare and their constituents will be dumb enough to believe them. I’m talking to you Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska.

Carter, of course, proved that his mother was absolutely right when she said, “When I look at my children, sometimes I say to myself, ‘Lillian, you should have remained a virgin.’”

Slick Willy, a glad-handing partier and girl-chasing philanderer, occasionally took time off from his extracurricular activities to cut enough defense spending and sell enough government land to balance the budget. Blaming him for seeking affection and sexual release outside the marital bed becomes difficult, however, when considering the personality of his legal life partner.

It shows how low his standards are that he fathered a child with Thunder Rodent Thighs and tried to nail (I was taken to task by a reader who told me BJ didn’t actually nail Paula.) Paula Jones. He was the most powerful man in the world and he settled for BJ’s from a chubby intern?

I was taken to task by a reader who informed me that BJ diodn’t actually nail Paula Jones.

Then of course poor Dubya, at whom economics threw the dotcom bubble which it burst over his head, followed by bin Laden who threw jumbo jets at the World Trade Center, and capped off by Katrina who made him look almost as bad as Nagin and Landrieu, who told Nawlins not to worry ‘cause the levees could handle it and the buses were ready if needed.

Mayor Asshole (who got reelected) and Governor Useless (who didn’t get reelected) Nawlins was a chocolate city and Nagin was black. Whites voting for whites are racists. Blacks voting for blacks aren’t. Got that?

And finally we got a foreigner with all the patriotism of Tokyo Rose, the diplomatic aplomb of Don Rickles, and the managerial skill of Moe Howard. His major achievement to date has been the Affordable Care Act, with which he will forever be identified, and which came out of the starting gate like a beached whale.

A beached whale can be saved. Obummercare can’t.

It’s doubtful that the US presidency can ever recover from the series of direct hits inflicted by that wrecking crew. And as for improving race relations, Soetoro’s administration has improved things about the same way that ipecac improves Hawaiian Punch. Clinton was elected twice, and so was Soetoro – what does that say about the American voter?

You can fool some of the people all of the time. I call them uninformed voters.

It’s come to the point that any person who publicly announces a desire to become US president thereby automatically disqualifies himself for the position. And anyone who wants the job so badly as to spend two full years and millions of dollars campaigning for it most certainly should never be allowed to acquire it.

I’m afraid that after the debacle of Mitt Romney, who was by far the most qualified person to seek the job in the last genelec, no qualified person in his right mind would want the job even if it were offered to him as a gift. You can’t really win in that fishbowl; any success you might have would be measured only by the depth of your overall failure in the eyes of the critics and the mass media.

Fortunately for us, when the inept and unqualified Kenyan first schmoozed and putted backwards into the place, all other countries in the world were in as bad shape as we were. Had the old Soviet Union still been intact, we’d probably have been toast within the first two years. As it was, the timing was exactly right for us to survive an ignorant moron at the helm.

After Johnson, most Dimocrats wanted to surrender to the Soviet Union. Starting with Viet Nam, their supporters in Hollywood have rooted for the other side. They derided the Strategic Defense Initiative and called it Star Wars and called Reagan a cowboy. All it did was win the Cold War which they wanted us to lose. They were on the wrong side of history just like they, and a lot of politically correct Republicans, are on the wrong side of history with regards to militant Islam. I fear it will take an American city being nuked to wake up the country and to finally put aside the myth that Islam is a “religion of peace”. It never was and it never will be. And now with the resurgence of Russia, Obungler and the Dimocrats want us to lose to them just like they wanted us to lose to them during the Cold War.

And if we could read Soetoro’s private thoughts, I’m convinced we’d find out that he never actually wanted the JOB, merely the power and perks and attention that come with the title. He simply doesn’t seem to realize that the honors, the influence, the twenty-one-gun salutes, the Secret Service protection, they’re not for him personally; they’re for the Presidency.

We’ve all heard that you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps. In that same vein, you can tell a lot about a president by the class and caliber of the campaign he runs to get there. Equivocation, bribery, double-dealing, cheating, lying, and intimidation do not exactly equate to the smooth operation of a successful administration.

The Presidency is NOT an entry-level part-time job one gets through payoffs and fraud. Neither is it a rite of passage in self-discovery, a period when one’s principles and values “evolve” as Soetoro says his have done over the past 5 years. And by NO means should it be seen as an on-the-job-training position. Junior senators have no business running for PotUS, especially if they weren’t raised in America.

I don’t believe that Barack Hussein Obama will go gracefully into PotUS Emeritus status. Bush has been classy and refused to criticize his successor even though he was constantly under fire from him for poor judgment and bad policies. I believe Soetoro will rant and rave about anyone who follows him, especially if it’s a conservative Republican.

In fact, I predict that somewhere along the line he’ll make a remark similar to this one (not these words, but this idea): My biggest regret is that I did not develop enough control over the Congress and the Supreme Court to ensure that I would be President for Life.

It all looks like fun and games from the safety of the Senate or a state governor’s office until you get there and realize that LBJ was right: “The Presidency is like being a jackass caught in a hailstorm. You’ve got to just stand there and take it.” Of course when the stress and pain seem absolutely unbearable, you can always remind yourself that it could be worse – you could be a single mother living in a disaster area created by multiple successive liberal administrations, like Detroit.

Hey, Presidentin’s hard, guys. Don’t believe me? Just check this guy’s report card:


The real question people need to ask themselves after the platitude assault and wealth-redistribution scheme they’ll hear tonight is — Are you better off than you were 5 years ago? The greatest, most patriotic speech Soetoro could give tonight is, “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m just not very good at doing things in the real world, so effectively this evening I resign from the office of President of the United States and offer my apologies for being a self-centered, worthless, race-baiting pain in the ass.”

If only.