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Ron sent me a nice little rant on Global Warming Climate Change. Here it is.

Got to thinkin ‘bout Pope Algore of the Church of Global Warming while makin my li’l run to the store for Regginous. The more I thought about it, the more I began to convince myself that it’s all an evil plot hatched in the UN by those who want to bring down the American system and destroy us as a world power.

Seems to me that it’s driven more by political motivation than by scientific consensus, more by hysteria than by fact, more by crony economic hype and than by sound rationale.

I mean, good grief, only a few decades ago the fear was of another ICE AGE, not global warming. We were gonna have penguins strutting around in Atlanta and Miami Beach, not water skiing in Baffin Bay. Hell, livestock and clearcut-deforestation contribute 5 times as much greenhouse gas as all the privately owned vehicles. Actually, so does unnecessary air travel.

Climate change fearmongers and global warming doomsayers preach that the debate is over and the facts are all in. But to me it just looks as if the most obvious fact is that we don’t know what the hell we’re talking about and that all our technofixes and soapboxing have about as much effect on solar activity as fleas on an alligator.

Global warming is nothing new; in fact, it’s part of a cycle. It’s what triggered the Viking population explosion and the age of discovery, and it will happen again, as will “little ice ages” like the one that followed the Medieval “warming period.” And a one-foot rise in sea level will not bring the world economy to a complete, abrupt standstill unless it happens during a weekend when nobody’s paying attention. Last time I checked, a coupla weeks ago, there’s more ice at the North Pole than there was when Al Gore said it would be completely ice-free by 2014.

Hysterical environmentalism will ultimately cause far more hunger and misery in the 3rd world than global warming. And curbing human economic and industrial activities will negatively impact the world’s poor MUCH more than its well-to-do.

What Al Gore did was look around and realize that he was no longer significant, not a member of the Movers & Shakers Guild, so he latched onto a sleepy, nerdy, who-gives-a-shit issue and built it up from complete obscurity into a major problem so that he could then offer a solution and become filthy rich by making speeches which scare ignorant people and selling books which brainwash impressionable children and arrant flibbertigibbets.

Life on earth, the complex and interrelated biosystems of which humans are a small part, are in far greater danger from other potential catastrophes than from global warming . . . such things as large asteroid impacts, supervolcano eruptions, abrupt polar shifts, massive tidal waves, or even proliferation of plastics in the seas. I mean, let’s face it – the ice ages didn’t happen because of anthropogenic activity any more than the ice sheets melted because of dinosaur farts. It’s that big shiny thing in the sky, folks, not SUVs and leaf blowers.

The truth is that an idea was tossed out into the world’s stream of consciousness and it became the new thing, the new fad, the new cause celebre. People simply assumed because of all the noise and commotion and deliberately skewed science constantly being thrown at them that climate change is man made.

To me, that’s a bit preposterous. Anyone who has flown across the United States, or ridden a ship across the Atlantic, or – God forbid – flown in a DC-3 from Southeast Asia to California realizes just how BIG this place is and how presumptuous we are to believe that the energy usage by America in the past 50 years has caused substantial increases in greenhouse gases and polar ice melt.

The MFAs and MBAs and PhDs in Women’s Studies and Nigerian Basket Weaving are not going to solve climate change. Neither will the washed-up entertainers and ill-informed do-gooders and ricochet-rabbit crusaders. In fact, the physicists and chemists and mathematicians aren’t going to solve it, either. Only the sun can do it, and we have about as much control over the sun as Soetoro has over radical Islamist issues in the Middle East.

The point is, of course, that if climate change or global warming or polar shifts or asteroid strikes or solar flares or blue stars or viral infestations or tidal waves or supervolcano eruptions are going to occur, there’s damned little we can do about it. Nearly ALL of the driving force behind global warming is a result of natural mechanics involving the sun and/or the planet itself, not our puny little naked-ape activities with internal-combustion engines and backyard barbecues.

In other words, would you bet your next month’s paycheck on what the weather in Oklahoma City will be 3 weeks from now? Why, then, is the Oblamebush administration willing to bet billions on predictions of anthropogenic global warming catastrophes which we know far less about than weather patterns in North Texas?

I agree with Ron here. We have one true believer who peruses this site and he threw out the “97% of scientists agree” bullshit and right on schedule said that the last deep freeze we had was caused by global warming just like I’m sure he’ll say the next freeze we’re fixing to experience this week or next will also be caused by global warming at the North Pole. We’ll be in the next Little Ice Age caused by the Maunder Minimum and, like the true believer he is, will scream, “AGW! AGW!”. After all, AGW causes everything. Droughts. Floods. Storms. No storms. Hot weather. Cold weather. Is there anything that AGW doesn’t cause? There is one thing. Sanity. It doesn’t cause sanity.

Don Surber has a good line that he uses about AGW, which goes sumpin’ like, “I’ll believe in AGW when the people who talk about it start taking it seriously and adjusting their lifestyles and lead by example.”

Pope Albert I of the Church of AGW uses more energy in a month in just one of his mansions, than a family of four uses in a year. And look at all those assholes who fly in their private jets to global warming conferences all over the world. Howza ’bout their “carbon footprints”?

It’s a scam. Follow the money. Pope Albert has gotten rich off this scam by selling carbon credits indulgences for all the well to do who have sinned against Mother Earth with their large carbon foot prints. Damn right it’s a religion!

Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph was a fake. The seas are not rising. There has been no appreciable warming in the last twelve years. A volcano puts out more CO2 than we do.

Many countries are coming to their senses and have decided not to destroy their economies by buying into this bullshit. Look at how much money we have thrown away on Solyndra and other failing green companies.

It’s a scam and anyone who believes in it has been conned. Like Don Surber, I’ll believe it when the people who preach about it start leading by example. Until then, all I have to say to the true believers and their false prophets is, “GFY!”

Update: In a later missive, Ron sent me this image.


About fifteen years ago Pope Albert of the Church of AGW started with his “ten years to save the planet” bullshit. Like the rest of the AGW alarmists, he was wrong and he keeps moving the goal posts.

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  1. MANY things about the AGW crowd piss me off, not the least being the fact it’s not based on any sound science. But one thing I can’t get over is the fact that these UN idiots that support the belief system are only holding modern society to their ridiculous restrictions. Emerging civilizations don’t have to pay any price for the AGW cause, only those that are the “haves”. And while man has very little effect on the earths climate, it’s the central and south american deforestation and China and India unchecked pollution that’s more likely to be responsible and not our fucking 60 watt incandescent bulbs that we can no longer own. It’s the biggest double standard to ever effect our lifestyle and I say it’s time we stand up to the UN with a big FU salute and tell them where they can stuff it.

  2. At the grocery checkout they asked me if I wanted paper or plastic and I got down on my knees grabbing my head in agony and yelled, “Oh my god, I don’t know what to do! If I make the wrong choice the world is going to end and we’re all going to die! Ten years ago they said I should use plastic, and now I should use paper! Or is it the other way around? Oh, the pressure! My head hurts! I can’t stand it!”

    Nobody thought it was funny, so I stood up and in a calm voice I said, “I’ll take both please.”

  3. Two questions to ask: About 300,000 years ago the last major ice age began, ultimately ice extending from about NYC to north of Pittsburgh to south of Chicago and beyond, the ice was hundreds of feet thick or more, why did it form? Then about 15,000 years ago it began to melt, why did it melt-what caused all of this? The AGW crowd gives a blank look at this point and mumbles about “models.” During the ice age ocean levels were hundreds of feet lower, then came melting and the various flood legends, which contain elements of truth but have been embellished by story telling before written word existed. And, gee, ocean levels increased. Not likely that that this was caused by dinosaur farts as that was about 60 million years ago. So, are we cooling, warming or just experiencing normal climate variation? Your guess is about as good as the “experts.”

  4. Adding to Ron’s concern of REAL disasters are; that enormous volcano under Yellowstone Park and real man caused disasters; the continuing radiation leaks from Fukshima that is destroying the Pacific ocean (

    And let’s not forget that other man caused disaster called Obamacare.

  5. Those of you who read my posts know I am certainly not in the line waiting to attend an Algore speech on Global Warming….in fact I believe we are in for a short term cooling period until the Sun decides to have a Solar fart or two.
    I once posted if a cold period ensues & a Ice Age begins that it was likely we be able be to ice fish for alligators in Tampa Bay ……wish it would get here soon , I am getting long in the tooth & would like to experience this before I assume r0oom temperature.
    I have a sister who lives in Bradenton so I have a place to stay & all the Ice Fishing gear I will need including a ice fishing hut & heater to protect me from any snow storms whipping across Tampa Bay as well as a Jiffy 10″ ice drill which will go thru 42″ of ice. Damn! I am ready ……now only if the weather will co-operate .

  6. 1/27/2014…..Valdez Alaska has been cut off from the rest of Alaska by avalanches which closed the Richardson Highway with snow up to 40 feet deep for a number of miles. Highway officials have advised the 4000 residents of Valdez to expect it will take a week or more to clear the highway….also there might well be massive flash flooding from the river water backing up behind the avalanche zone.I guess it is because of Global Warming which has allowed record snowfall & the coldest temperatures in decades.
    Meanwhile back here in Erie…we have sub-zero temperatures again & slightly more then 90″ of snow on the ground so far this winter , it is snowing now & another lake effect snow storm is forecast with possibly the lowest temperatures so far this winter.
    It looks like our yearly average of over 100 ” of snow might be reached before next week leaving all of February & most of March to see if we can reach 150″ of snow fall.

    • dudley1 – True believer, and AGW Kool-Aid drinker, Robin Palm will tell you that all of this is a result of AGW. Anecdotal evidence that proves or disproves AGW is only valid when we get record high temperatures. Then it counts. Record cold or record snowfall doesn’t count or, in the minds of AGW fanatics like Robin, it somehow proves AGW.

      Remember, to the true believer, AGW causes everything. Floods, droughts, record cold, record heat, record snow, more storms, less storms are all caused by AGW. We could be entering another Little Ice Age and the fanatics will still be screaming AGW!

      As Don Surber said, I’ll believe it when the people spouting this crap start acting like it’s a crisis and changing their lifestyles to reflect their beliefs. All of these Hollywood idiots and Pope Albert I of the Church of AGW are energy hogs who purchase indulgences (carbon credits) for their sins. What a load of crap! It’s a religion.

      • Speaking of the Urban Planner “superior intellect”…hows the dude doing , have not heard or read anything of or by him in many moons.
        I`ll bet he is having seconds thoughts about Global Warming though.
        Oh by the way ….anybody heard from Dangerous DanS ?

        • Nope. If you are referring to Robin Palm, he is still a true believer. Didn’t you read the comment thread on one of my recent AGW posts? Right on schedule he claimed that the record cold we experienced was from global warming at the North Pole which pushed the cold weather south. You can’t make this shit up.

          As for DanS, I got an email from him a few weeks ago. He’s doing better and it sounds like he’s actually coming to his senses.

    • A big problem with the whole AGW thing is that when it’s finally and inevitably proven to be a scam, people will no longer believe in any science. They’ll rightly assume that everything that comes out of a scientists mouth is just to get money out of your pocket. It’s already getting to that point with all the “research” that first says you should never eat this item, then five years later says, well maybe it’s okay.

      Meanwhile, when global cooling hits, then we’ll see the shat hit the fan.

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