More Global Warming News

So far, this winter is third coldest winter on record. Got the link from Don Surber.

If February ended today, this would be the third coldest winter on record in the US, after 1979 and 1899.

weather graph

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The Church of AGW fanatics use anecdotal evidence in the summer so it’s fair to use anecdotal evidence in the winter. AGW is a scam and a cult and when we’re shivering in the Maunder Minimum, they’ll still say the cold weather is being caused by global warming. Global warming causes everything.

Dumbass Of The Day

How could someone so incredibly stupid ascend to be the third most powerful person in the US gummint? I’m talking, of coursed, of exSpeaker Blinky. She’s incredibly stupid, but possesses an innate cunning. Remeber, she once said about Obummercare that we would have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Had Newt Gingrich said sumpin’ as stupid as this when he was Speaker, he would have been laughed off the podium by the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. She also said that unemployment creates jobs and if we didn’t pass the Porkulus it would cost 400 million jobs. Now, we have her latest asinine statement.

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, not known for intellectual honesty, told reporters Friday the Founding Fathers would support Obamacare.

They would? GMAFB! Our Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves not only about Obummercare, but about Social Security, welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, and most of the rest of our social safety net, which has now turned into a hammock. They would be amazed and disgusted that a law was passed and deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court that gummint could force a citizen to buy a product, in this case, health insurance.

To go to back to our founders once again, they sacrificed it all for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This law, the affordable care act, is about a healthier life, the liberty to pursue your happiness. That is solid policy, and the mandate is central to that.

What a crock! They would be aghast at the size of gummint and the amount of taxes we pay, money taken from productive people and given to leeches, parasites, and moochers. They believed in small and limited gummint. They would really be horrified that we now have a ruling class and the salaries and benefits that they have voted themselves. They envisioned a citizen legislature, people who would serve for a few years and then go back to their farms or professions. They didn’t want career politicians. Had they had more foresight, they would have put term limits in the Constitution. George Washington set the precedent of a president only serving two terms which was the norm until FDR.

They would also be shocked that today’s media, with a few exceptions, is now the propaganda arm of one party. It serves its purpose as a gummint watchdog only when Republicans are in power. When Dimocrats are running things, it becomes a cheerleader for them. Look at the IRS scandal. Do you think it would be different if Chimpy McHalliburton Bushitler were president? Compare the coverage when Nixon was president and tried to sic the IRS on his enemies. It was an impeachable offense. Under Obungler? Nothing to see here. Move along.

Speaking of the IRS, the Founders would be outraged that when a citizen deals with it, there is no due process. One is guilty until proven innocent. And while one is trying to prove one’s innocence, the IRS can seize assets.

They would also be outraged that the gummint keeps passing laws intended to disarm American citizens in violation of the Second Amendment.

Thomas Jefferson would not recognize today’s Dimocrat Party and if he were alive today, he would be fighting it tooth and nail. He would be leading another revolution. James Madison would be rewriting the Constitution to put in the things he missed. There would be a lot of Dimocrats and Republicans tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. ExSpeaker Blinky would be one of them.

They would despise her for the rat bastard commie that she is.

Today’s Racist Post

Toejam sent me this updated version of Monopoly to honor Diversity (All Hail Diveristy!)

black monopoly

Just off the top of my head, I can think of two high profile blacks who belong in prison for violating the Constitution: Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade and Eric “My People” Holder. And while we’re at it, John Roberts should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail for ruling Obummercare constitutional.