Founding Fathers

An update to my Dumbass Of The Day post earlier this week where exSpeaker Blinky claimed the Founding Fathers would be all for socialized medicine. Ron sent me this Ramirez editorial cartoon about that.


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The Founding Fathers wanted a small limited gummint. They envisioned what a large centralized gummint could do. They would be aghast at what progressives liberals rat bastard commies have done to this country in violation of the Constitution. They would consider Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade a tyrant.

They did their best to try to limit the size and scope of gummint. Too bad the rule of law is turning into the rule of man. I give our republic less than fifty years before it devolves into a socialist dictatorship. Fortunately, I won’t be around to see it. It’s sad enough seeing how far we’ve sunk in my lifetime.

The Dimocrat Party has been taken over by liberals progressives rat bastard commies intent upon destroying capitalism and turning us into a socialist utopia like Cuba, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Venezuela. I used to say “coming soon” about Venezuela, but it’s already happened. Hugo Chavez squandered the country’s oil wealth with his socialist policies and now the gummint is broke. Obungler and the Dimocrats are trying to do the same thing here.

They want to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 and hour. The CBO sez it will cost 500,000 jobs. Someone recently asked this question: How come the Dimnocrats can be so good at winning elections and so bad at economics? Winning elections is simple. Promise the country sumpin’ for nothing. Bribe the voters with, in some cases, their own money. Promise to soak the rich. When almost half the people in the country pay no income taxes it’s easy to get them to vote for people who advocate big spending programs. It ain’t their money.

We’re doomed! And, as usual, the people who will be worse off are the poor. Dimocrats love poor people. That’s why they create so many of them and pass policies to keep people poor and dependent upon gummint. Look at the most ardent Dimocrat voters. Blacks. The Dimocrats keep them poor, uneducated, and dependent upon the gummint, and they know they’re so stupid that they’ll keep voting for the people who keep them that way. Hell, their “leaders” are in on the scam. Obungler has been the most disastrous president for blacks since Jimmah Carter, another president who made things worse for blacks. Black workforce participation is the worse it’s been since Jimmah Carter. Black teens have been hit extra hard, and raising the minimum wage is only gonna make it worse for black teens. Goodbye minimum wage entry level jobs

Blacks did far better under the evil racist Ronald Reagan and both the racist Bushes than under Jimmah or Obumbler, but they continue to vote for Dimocrats, the party of slavery and the KKK.


Sub Par

My sister sent me this story.

An unknown artist is covering the streets of Santa Monica, Calif., with posters declaring President Obama to be “subpar.”

The artwork, which features images of Obama golfing with the message, can be found on trashcans, in Porta-potties, and on street benches, according to a taco blog in Los Angeles.

My favorite.


Which is almost as funny as this image that David sent me.


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