Gun Control Works

But for whom? Ron sent me this short video which is in response to a video that some rat bastard commie celebs made in favor of gummint taking our guns. While you’re watching it, look how many people communist gummints have killed. Two mass murderers: Stalin and Mao.

Ron On Some New Olympic Events

Just a short little piece from Ron about how we could have earned more medals at the Olympics.

Y’know . . . if we’d wanted more medals from the Olympics, all we’d need to do is add Speechifying, Bloviating, and Spinning to the events. There’s 9 more iron-clad certainties for us. Soetoro with the gold in Speechifying, Rove for Bloviating, and Carney for Spinning.

Dear Rove. Your time is over. Your PAC blew a lot of money in 2012 with very little to show for it. You are not a genius. Go! Away! Bush 43 should have clobbered Pope Albert I of the Church of AGW. As it was, he lost the popular vote and almost lost in the Electoral College. Then you compounded things by advising him to blow a lot of money on a bloated transportation bill and a bloated farm bill which allowed Dimocrats to run on fiscal responsibility (Using Dimocrats and fiscal responsibility in the same sentence makes the mind reel.) Bush did not veto a single spending bill until the Dims took over Congress. (For the record, I was against both the farm bill and the transportation bill when they were passed. Both were full of pork and both overturned the spending discipline that Newt Gingrich brought to Congress when the Republicans took the House.) If you were the architect of anything it was the Dims takeover of Congress in 2006 which led to the disaster of 2008 and Obummercare.

That little weasel Carney generates more goddam spin than a friggin Maytag.

Pelosi could easily take the gold if there were a BatshitCrazy category, and Sebelius would be the odds-on favorite for Balderdashery. Reid for Foot Dragging, Clinton for Ducking and Dodging, and Holder for Chutzpah.

I never thought things could get worse for American credibility and prestige than what Nixon, Carter, and Clinton did for them, but this androgynous puppet we got today makes our allies distrust us and our enemies ridicule us.

If only Obumbler hated our enemies as much as he hates Republicans.

And the shame of it all is that he thinks he’s one of the greatest leaders in our history. The fact is that he’s done more harm to race relations than Johnny Cochrane and greater damage to the economy than a whole battalion of Bernie Madoffs could do. He’ll negotiate away the last smidgen of military strength in dealings with Iran or Syria or NorKor, but he won’t waste 5 minutes negotiating with conservatives on entitlements or pipelines or tort reform.

And tonight (I think it’s tonight) we’ll have the OSCARs, in which his buddies, the Obtuse Self Congratulatory Artificial Replicas sprain their collective shoulder patting themselves on the back for reading lines written by someone else under the direction of someone else to promote ideas developed by someone else for salaries that are something else.

The OSCARs are on tonight? Like I give a rat’s ass about those anti-American assholes. I’m old enough to remember when Hollywood was on our side with some real stars and patriots like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and the wonderful Bob Hope who gave up his Christmases to entertain our troops overseas. The “stars” today wouldn’t make a flea on a hair growing out of a pimple on any of the asses of the real Hollywood stars of the past.

Speaking of Hollywood traitors, I read that Jane Fonda is feeling her mortality. She should have felt her mortality over 40 years ago when she returned from aiding and abetting the enemy in North Viet Nam. She should have been arrested for treason, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. After she dies, I would like to piss on her grave, but I hate standing in lines.

A Good Summation

Ron sent me this one.


Click on image to enlarge.

Wow! Just wow! As I’ve said many times, Dimocrats love poor people. That’s why their policies create so many of them. Yannow who’s suffering the worst under Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade? Blacks. We now have the lowest black participation in the work force since Jimmah Carter. Doesn’t surprise me since this is what Jimmah Carter’s second term would look like. And it’s worse for black teenagers. Raising the minimum wage is gonna make it even worse for blacks and black teenagers.

If the KKK had tried to come up with a way to keep blacks poor and uneducated, they couldn’t have done a better job than today’s Dimocrat Party. But then, the KKK was the terrorist wing of the Dimocrat Party. There were no Republicans in the KKK. They were all Dimocrats. Look what marketing geniuses Dimocrats are. They get the people whose lives they destroy vote for them. It helps that they have useful idiots like the Congressional Black Caucus to help them out.

Liberals Progressives Rat bastard commies like Oblamebush think the way to improve things is to pull rich people down rather than raising poor people up. They don’t believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. The best way to alleviate poverty is to grow the economy like Ronald Reagan did. Blacks did far better under Reagan and both Bushes than they have under Obutthead.

Unfortunately, the Dimocrats’ economic policies have created a permanent underclass solely dependent upon gummint so naturally this underclass is gonna keep voting for the people who hand out the goodies. The Dimocrats keep stoking the fires of class warfare while at the same time keeping their constituents poor and uneducated. It’s working. We’re almost to the point where the people who vote for a living outnumber the people who work for a living.

We’re doomed!