Offense Sells Tickets …

…Defense wins championships. We had the number one offense with the
Broncos, playing the number one defense with the Seahawks. We saw who won. Peyton Manning did not look like a Hall of Fame Quarterback yesterday and the Broncos did not look like a Super Bowl team.

This was why I was a bit perturbed a few years ago when the Falcons traded up to get Julio Jones in the draft. Back then, I felt that the Falcons needed more help on defense than they did on offense. For the last three years, they have been unable to stop the run. Unfortunately, they have not been all that good drafting on defense. Case in point, defensive tackle Peria Jerry, their number one pick a few years ago. He hasn’t made the impact a number one pick should make. They finally addressed the defense by using their first two picks in the 2013 draft on cornerbacks. Alas, they thought defensive end John Abraham was done and they cut him. WTF? He was their best defensive lineman in 2012. All he did was make all pro with the Cardinals in 2013. The Falcons sure could have used him this year as well as Brent Grimes on defense and Todd McClure and Tyson Clabo, starters on the offensive line in 2012, whom they cut. They signed Matt Ryan to a large contract but decided not to sign two of the guys who could have protected him. The offensive line sucked this year (as well as the defensive line) and Ryan got sacked a lot. Going from ten yards away from the Superbowl in 2012 to 4-12 in 2013. They’re thinking of trading up in the draft to pick Clowney, but not sure if that would be a good pick since he has this bad habit of taking off on plays during games. The Falcons need someone who will play hard every play, yannow, like the Seahawk defenders did yesterday.

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  1. My Seahawks embarassed the Broncos. I tried telling people this was going to happen. The Broncos hadn’t played a team worth a crap all season including the playoffs. They entered the buzzsaw of the Seahawks defense and got destroyed. Seahawk offense was running on all cylinders also.

    • In order to do that they would have needed to SHOOT him. 3 and out is not the way to hurt the Seahawks. He carried for less than 100 yards which usually does not bode well for Seattle. Yesterday it didn’t matter. I called the game perfectly, two interceptions and two fumble recoveries. The shame here is that there are three teams in the NFC West division that can beat the Denver Broncos and often do. Sea, San Fran, and Arizona all play the same type of defense, Seattle just does it better.

      • Damn, I read Sherman and my brain saw Beast Mode. Sherman is phenomenal, best corner in the game at this time, I don’t think Denver bothered to challenge him yesterday. His injury came while he was helping on the other side and he was hit from the blind side and stepped on.

  2. Its party time in Kansas. The Cheap seats arch rival got made to look like Boulder in Manhattan! Do not get me wrong. I am, sad to say, a Bronco’s fan. I will spend the next few months keeping my mouth shut.
    I got a clue about twelve seconds into the game that it was gonna be rough. A screwed up kick off return that died at the twelve, and then the botched snap on the opening play. I like Pete Carrol as a coach, and Wilson is a great QB. Glad it was them and not the 69ers, the only team to field 23 couples each week (coaching staff not included).

  3. I live in Vancouver USA, so naturally am a Seahawk fan. I thought the game would be a whole lot closer than it was. And Sandy G is right: Only the Seahawks showed up for the game. In my not-so-humble opinion, I think that Denver’s big problem was that Manning was spending too much time on the scrimmage line reorganizing his line and backfield. I seemed like on just about every other play or so, he had his guys shifting positions back and forth. It was like the Denver offense didn’t really know where they were supposed to be on any particular play. Maybe that was part of the Denver game plan, but I don’t think so. And, of course, that safety on the very first play seemed to take most of the wind out of their sails, and it was all downhill from there.

    • Denver has been doing that the entire season. Manning looks over the defense and then calls the play at the line of scrimmage and moves around the running backs and the receivers. Remember “Omaha! Omaha!” in one of the playoff games? That was him changing a play. It worked all season and in the playoffs, but failed in the Super Bowl. The Seattle pass rush was too much for the Denver offensive line. Manning’s arm was hit on the interceptions. Both Ryan and I yelled at the stupid dude who tried to run the ball out on the kickoff. He was too deep in the end zone. He should have taken a Knee and the Broncos get the ball on the 20. The missed snap was pretty much an indication of how the game was going to go. Seattle had great field position throughout the first half due top their defense. Denver was lucky to hold them to two field goals after the safety.

      Like I say, offense sells tickets, defense wins championships.

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