Time To Retire Greg!

I was channel surfing last night and I came across a 40th reunion concert for Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. OMFG! Keith Emerson was still good on keyboards, though on one of the songs he played too loudly and drowned out the acoustic guitar part that Greg Lake was playing. Lake has completely lost his voice. In his younger days he had a mellow mellifluous voice and fronted for King Crimson before ELP, and was also in ASIA. Lake’s singing was so bad that I had to change channels. I should be the one to talk about bad singing, right. Except that I never had a good voice and I don’t charge people money to listen to me when I play and sing at blogmeets.

Speaking of King Crimson, I saw them live once. They were terrible in concert. Robert Fripp played guitar while sitting down and they didn’t play their most well known song From the Court of the Crimson King. That would be like paying to see Arlo Guthry and him not playing Alice’s Restaurant. Wait! That happened to me as well. Near the end of the concert, someone yelled, “Play Alice’s Restaurant!” He yelled back, “See the movie!” Asshole! I’m talking about Guthry, not the member of the audience.

Lake has become fat as well. Some of these old rockers need to retire, but as long as there are suckers who think they still have the chops and are willing to pay to listen to them sing off key they won’t. Sad. Especially if you remember how good they once sounded.

Double Standards

Heironymus sent me this one.

democrats again

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To be fair, if Dimocrats didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Did you hear Obungler talking about the release of Bowe Bergdahl when he said “we leave no soldiers behind”? WTF? Tell that to the SEALs who died at Benghazi, you lying sack of shit. You left them behind when you didn’t send any help, went to bed, and then flew off to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next morning.

And why was Bergdahl captured in the first place? He deserted his post and left the base because he was disillusioned with the war in Afghanistan. He was a frickin’ deserter! So you just traded five raghead terrorists for a deserter. You really don’t like America do you? You’re as much a traitor as Bergdahl is. You are a disgrace to the country you are president of. Thanks Obutthead voters who reelected this pile of steaming excrement!

More Obungler Kidz In Action

One of the dumbest liberal progressive rat bastard commie ideas is a bike share program. Yannow, when you ride a bike to somewhere and leave it for another person to ride somewhere else. Anyone with a functioning brain higher than that of a third grade pissant would know that program was doomed to fail, especially in large cities with high concentrations of Obungler’s children (which is pretty much all large cities), who in the Age of Obumbler love to play the Knockout Game and form flash mobs. The latter happened in Baltimore the other day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m a racist for pointing this out.

About 50 youngsters poured into Druid Hill Park and stole four dozen bicycles Monday evening that city workers had put out for a popular bike-sharing program, authorities said.

Hey look at all dem bikes! Les’ go steal ’em!

City officials said Friday that the Ride Around the Reservoir program is suspended indefinitely while they hope for the return of the bikes, which the Recreation and Parks Department will accept with no questions asked.

Yeah. Like that’s gonna happen.

Chris Merriam, director of Bikemore, a group that works to promote bicycling in Baltimore, said the thefts were “incredibly shocking” and a big setback for the program.

Yet was perfectly predictable to most people except for booger eatin’ moh-rons.

“It’s a kids-out-of-control issue,” Merriam said. “It’s a really brazen crime and really messed up on so many levels.”

Ya think? This is what 50 years of enlightened social policies and LBJ’s Great Fucking Society has given us.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she was outraged by the incident, and pledged to find a way to continue the Ride Around program and other recreational opportunities. The theft of the bikes shows a critical need for programs to engage young people before they become involved in criminal activity, she said.

Ah yes. A new program. That will fix it. Here’s a program for ya. Throw these little bastards (which they prolly are since three out of every four black children are born out of wedlock) in jail.

“All across Baltimore we have communities coming together because they want better. We’ve worked very hard to provide recreational resources, and this unfortunate crime isn’t going to detour my resolve to keep pressing forward,” she said.

Translation: We’re gonna throw more taxpayer dollars at more failing programs. That will fix this problem.

Funny, in reading this article there is one thing missing. The race of the yutes. Wonder why that is? This flash mob was a result of a bunch of kids getting kicked out of a nearby pool for fighting so they decided to go steal some bicycles. Prolly has sumpin’ to do with Slavery. If only we would give them reparations all of these problems would go away.

Monday Pun 6-2-2014

This one is from Richard, which reminds me that I need to get in touch with him to get together. I haven’t talked to him in ages.

Centuries ago, a show traveled throughout Europe. It was famous for its death-defying acts. The show was named “The Show of Tension,” and the performers and other staff were nicknamed “Tensions.” Sadly, the show didn’t survive the poverty that swept Europe in the Middle Ages. People couldn’t afford frivolous things like traveling shows. And thus was born the expression, (more…)