AOTW 6-6-2014

I’m gonna give it to the entire Obungler administration but mostly Obumbler himself and a few other people. Oboner said, “We leave no soldier behind.” So I guess the SEALs at Benghazi don’t qualify as soldiers, you lying rat bastard commie piece of shit? Then we have Susan Rice trotting out to peddle the bullshit on the Sunday talk shows. You remember Susan Rice dontcha? She’s the one who made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows saying Benghazi was a result of a YouTube video. Can you imagine the uproar over Benghazi if a Republican had been president? We even got to see a debate moderator, Candy Crowley helping Oblunder out during a debate. Disgraceful. And then we had Chuck Hagel proving just how fucking stupid he is. And the crowning touch was some bimbo at the State Department displaying just how fucking stupid she is.

My sister wrote to me, “We traded five terrorists for a traitor. What a great deal!”
Make no mistake about it. Bowe Bergdahl was a traitor. He deserted his unit in a time of war. Back in WWII that would get you shot. Look up Eddie D. Slovick. That’s when we used to execute traitors. Now we celebrate them, like Jane Fonda. Not only did he desert, he gave tactical information to the Taliban, at least that’s what the soldiers in his unit said, since the Taliban used his information in attacks after Bergdahl deserted to the Taliban.

This guy does a much better job explaining this than I could do as he points out the elephant in the room.

Thanks to Toejam, who sent me this.

Aren’t y’all glad we elected the first black president to prove that we aren’t racists? Obutthead, Hagel, Rice, and the State Department bimbo deserve special mention but the entire administration of this Mooslime loving rat bastard commie traitor gets to share the award this week as well as the American voters who put this asshole in office for four more years. I hope you are happy with the damage you have inflicted on this once great country to elect and reelect a man based on the color of his skin. Here’s your award.


How True!


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I just hope Obungler is an anomaly and we don’t elect anyone like him again, but I fear I am wrong and … we’re doomed!