Black Racism

Just remember. Only whites can be racists. Hispanics can be racists as well if they are part white. The Left even created a new demographic for that: white Hispanic. Therefore, George Zimmerman was a racist and that’s why he shot that innocent little choirboy, Trayvon Martin. It had nuttin’ to do with the fact that little innocent Trayvon was banging his head on the sidewalk.

Black racism is excused. That’s why Al Tawana Brawley Crown Heights Riots Freddie’s Fashion Mart Arson Sharpton can say stuff like “Greek homos” or make anti-Semitic remarks with impunity. MSDNC even gave him his own TV show. And, of course we have Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson and Eric “My people” Holder. Black racism? Quite OK. The Rev Joseph Lowry even said that blacks can’t be racists. So naturally, this is OK.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Andrew Bennett, outgoing tax assessor of Jefferson County’s Bessemer Division, had planned to spend this week in Orange Beach attending a three-day convention with other officials from around the state.

But, when a majority of Jefferson County Commissioners pulled his travel request from a committee agenda on Tuesday Bennett was left in limbo.

We sure can’t have that can we?

So he decided to attend today’s Jefferson County Commission meeting and ask Republican commissioners David Carrington, Jimmie Stephens and Joe Knight why they declined to authorize his $2,117 expenditure to the Alabama Association of Tax Assessor’s convention.

“There should be a reason why you voted no,” he told the majority near the end of the meeting. “You have approved about 20 people on (the list for travel). It’s just . . . ”

Carrington cut off Bennett. “This is not a public hearing,” Carrington said.

“Well thank you very much you bunch of rednecks,” Bennett replied.

Nothing wrong with that is there? Just imagine if a white guy had said, “Thank you very much you bunch of niggers.” Think of the outrage. The usual crown of RWPPs would be in high dudgeon. There would be coast to coast coverage. But this dude gets a pass.

Just remember, if it were not for double standards, blacks and the rest of the Left wouldn’t have any standards at all.

Thanks to Woody for the link.

Tear Down This Wall!

Twenty-seven years ago today, Ronald Reagan said those words to Gorbachev when he made a speech in Berlin in front of the Berlin Wall. How far we have descended since then! We’ve gone from Ronald Reagan, the last great American president to Obungler, the worst American president, not just in my lifetime, but in the history of this country. What’s amazing is that Obumbler thinks he is a great president ranking up there with Lincoln and Washington. He is our first Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) president whose only qualifications for this office were his skin color and his ability to read words, written by others, off a TelePrompTer. And as with so many Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) hires he is a failure. He is an example of what happens when Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) meets the Peter Principle. As another pundit (and I cannot remember who it was – it might have been Krauthammer or Sowell) wrote that the problem is not Oboner, the problem is an electorate that would vote to put this unqualified man into the highest office in the land.

And didja heat the Smartest Woman in the World, Thunder Rodent Thighs, the other day? She said Abraham Lincoln was a senator from Illinois. This is the person who wants to become the first woman president. Sorry TRT, that ain’t gonna happen. Obongo is the first woman president. Do you wanna try for the first gay president? You could be the first carpet muncher. Then, we would have to elect the first Hispanic president. Somewhere along the way, it would be nice if we decided to elect a competent person rather than bowing to the demands of Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) and electing the first this or that group. At the rate we are declining, by the time we actually elected someone who could do the job, it will be too late.

We’re doomed! Thanks Obutthead voters!