The France Of The Middle East

Iraq has officially become the France of the Middle East. Why do I say that? Two reasons.

Reason Number one. We spent blood and money to liberate Iraq from a bloody dictator. You would think they would show some gratitude by signing oil contracts with American companies. Instead, they turned to China, thus displaying the gratitude the French had for us after we kicked Hitler out of their country.

Reason number two. The Iraqi Army. Didja see them displaying French military strategy? They dropped their weapons, tore off their uniforms, and fled like French pussies. It’s telling that they wore civilian clothes under their uniforms so they would be able to run away and blend in with the crowds. Their cowardice was premeditated, just like French cowardice.

Al-Maliki, who wanted us to leave Iraq, is now begging us to return. Sorry dude. That ship has sailed. You wouldn’t clamp down on Monkey Boy and you wouldn’t sign a status of forces agreement with us. You’re getting just what you deserve. This is what your ingratitude has earned you. Go to China for help since you got so friendly with them and you’re selling them your oil.

So oil prices are going up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that Keystone Pipeline that Obungler has refused to build? Wouldn’t it be nice if the Dimocrats had allowed us to drill in ANWR? Wouldn’t it be nice if the oil companies could drill on federal land, sumpin’ Obumbler has been against for the last six years? Howza ’bout drilling in the Gulf, another thing Oblunder has been against? Isn’t it great that we have had the fracking boom, sumpin’ the enviro-tards and Dimocrats have been against?

So, as you gas up your cars the next few months and see gas prices rise look in the mirror. If you voted for Oblamebush, you are part of the problem.

Isn’t it amazing how just about every foreign policy decision Oboner has made has been wrong, Libya was doing just fine until the French (the French?) wanted to overthrow Qadaffy. Qadaffy was nowhere near the brutal dictator Saddam was and the French were against that war. Qadaffy had given up his WMD programs after he saw Saddam pulled out of that little hole in the ground. He was neutered. But Obeavis “led from behind” and allowed the French to turn Libya into the anarchy it is today. An American ambassador even lost his life due to the incompetence of Obutthead and Thunder Rodent Thighs. I don’t really care about the ambassador since he was an Obeauzeau supporter and got what he deserved for trusting him and TRT. It’s the three other Americans I’m pissed about.

Remember Obambi and Plugs telling us over and over that al Qaeda was “on the run”? It sure is. It’s running at full speed toward Baghdad. Yet another foreign policy “success” for this incompetent dickhead. Thanks Obongo voters for inflicting this incompetent asshole on us.

We’re doomed!