AOTW 6-13-2014

The clown car that is the Obungler Administration continues rolling along. Obungler has already made Jimmah Carter look competent. We had Thunder Rodent Thighs who couldn’t find anyone at the State Department who spoke Russian so she must have perused her copy of Russian for Dummies to look up the Russian word for reset and found instead the Russian word for overcharge. The Rooskie at that meeting prolly had to call Putin afterwards and the two of them prolly had a good laugh and knew that they were dealing with amateurs. What do you want to bet that Putin made campaign contributions to Obumbler’s 2012 campaign to get him reelected?

Then we had Kathleen Sibelius who was in charge of the Obummercare rollout.

Eric Shinseki had many years to fix the VA. Obutthead even campaigned in 2008 that he would fix the VA. Maybe he was too busy focusing like a laser on jobs. How’s that working out? At least he created a lot of jobs on Moochelle’s staff. She has more staffers than any first lady in history.

The latest clown to emerge from the clown car is Chuck Hagel. Oblunder looked long and hard to find the most incompetent boob that the Senate would confirm and found Chuck Hagel. Of course they would confirm him. He used to serve in the Senate. He was one of them. Just as Thunder Rodent Thighs made most SecStates look good by comparison, until Flipper came along and made her look good by comparison, Hagel makes previous SecDefs look good by comparison. Donald Rumsdeld where are you? Compared to Hagel, you’re a giant. Hagel went before Congress and defended the decision to trade five Taliban terrorists for a deserter. But was it his idea? Who knows? The story keeps changing. I can’t remember where I saw it but there were about five headlines with different stories about whose idea it was, but Chuckie is behind it 100%.

Anywho, in the congressional hearing, Hagel looked like the incompetent out of touch boob that he is. Y’all remember Teresa (TDHO) who used to comment here? She was from Nebraska and she was a big Chuck Hagel fan. I’m sure she voted for Oblamebush as well.

Here’s your award Chuckie.


14 comments on “AOTW 6-13-2014

  1. Hegel didn’t pay enough attention before signing off on this prisoner swap because he was busy figuring out how to integrate transgender soldiers into the military. First things first.

  2. The latest out of the administration is that a computer ate all of Lois lerners e-mails for the two years she was hassling conservative groups at the IRS. These liars must think we all fell for the “Dog ate my homework” excuse.

    • Flashing back to the missing sections of Nixon’s tapes, which he claimed his secretary Rosemary must have accidentally erased.

      • Yes, and yesterday the IRS announced that Lois Lerner’s computer with all her emails somehow crashed. Boy o boy. Of course, no redundant backup. We the people need to vote them all out and begin the antiseptic process with all of these agencies. No, not antiseptic but chloroform many of these agencies

        • Talk about a bunch of crap! Ask any IT professional and he’ll tell you that in large enterprises, like gummint bureaucracies, email resides on a server and not the PC. The PC has a copy of the email, but the original email is on the server. The data on the server is backed up periodically (usually on a daily basis), and periodically, all data is archived and stored off site. This is a bald-faced lie by the IRS!

  3. I get the feeling that even entering into the DC city limits leads to an automatic drop of at least 50 IQ points. Of course, with some folks, they don’t even have that many to lose.

  4. Concerning Chuck the Schmuck Hagel, the Democrat-led Senate, despotically lorded over by Dirty Harry Reid, would confirm a fence post for any position that The Ayatollah Obama (may his head be forever shit upon by pigs) might throw out there.

  5. I would not be surprised if Double D Teresa had a Dildo in the likeness of Chuck Hagel which she uses to insert suppositories.

      • Haha, good.

        Seeing them on the talk show circuit about Iraq has been especially horrifying.

        If you want a laugh, pull up the McCain clip saying that there’s no history of a Shia/Sunni conflict.

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