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George sent me this.


People my age remember the uproar about a missing 18.5 minutes on a tape during the Nixon administration. Remember the uproar? But missing IRS e-mails? Ho hum. Media bias? What media bias?

I just read that there were more computer crashes at the IRS. It’s kinda funny that the only computers that crashed are computers connected to the current IRS scandal. How convenient. As I wrote earlier, and have seen on many blogs, any IT professional will tell you that this is a crock of shit. Those emails still exist on a server, in a tape library, or on off site archives. All that’s on the hard drives that crashed are local copies of emails that exist on storage media. The IRS is lying to Congress.

It’s disgusting that we have an administration that has politicized the IRS and has used it as a weapon against its political enemies. When Nixon tried this, it was an impeachable offense. What’s even more disgusting is that we have a media who is not outraged and a political party that condones this. This is the kind of stuff that you see in Third World banana republics. Why not? We elected someone from the Third World to run the country. You Obongo supporters should be outraged at this, but because it’s your side that’s destroying our country and violating the Constitution it’s quite OK. When Nixon tried this crap, he was opposed by Republicans. They had honor. Too bad there aren’t any honorable Dimocrats.

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  1. There are a lot of someones that need to do some serious jail time. Both in and out of the IRS. The guy that came up with this cock and bull computer crash story needs to do 20 years at Marion Federal pen. Way down where the sun never shines.

  2. Its one damn thing after another with this president. Nixon was run out of office for far less than this, but President Obama is just getting a free pass from just about everybody. We really are going downhill. You nailed it Denny when you said we as a nation were once the shinning city on the hill and now have become a third world hellhole. What angers me is that so many are happy about it. We live in the golden age of stupidity.

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