5 comments on “Let’s Be Friends

  1. For those who might be interested, that is an episode from a full length movie called Zeus and Roxanne.
    If you like that sort of thing (and I do) there is another clip from a movie called the Bear. The story is told from the bear’s point of view vs two hunters. The clip is an orphaned bear cub being menaced by a puma. You can see it here:

  2. This made my day. I was pissed off & bitching to my wife about berry oblammo, again, and then I saw this on GOC. You calmed me down. Thx

  3. Art – lots of good entertainment on Z&R – and some good lessons to be learned regarding friendship and how self-serving some folks can be. Well worth watching. (and NO it isn’t ‘that’ mushy 😉

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