AOTW 12-5-2014

Another week, more assholiness. Of course I could give it to Obola again for continuing to stir the fires of racial animosity. The guy who was supposed to bring us together continues to tear us apart. And then we have his racist AG Eric My People Holder who came to Atlanta to fire up the blacks here. But I’m gonna give it to the black players on the St. Louis Rams who came out with their hands up don’t shoot pose. Why not hands done, don’t loot? All the evidence showed it was a righteous shooting and the “gentle giant” St. Michael of Swisher Sweets did not have his hands up to surrender, but that doesn’t matter. Gotta show solidarity with the brother. If you guys weren’t able to play football, you would prolly be thugs like St, Michael. I’m glad that a lot of fans booed you idiots. Here’s your award, retards.


Johnny Racist

From Willie in the comments.

That’s where we’re headed. Have you ever had to attend a Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) Awareness class? I have. In this post I relate having to attend a Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) Awareness Workshop and the annual Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) Awareness meeting we would have to endure on a yearly basis at IBM. Just think of all the lost productivity due to these stupid meetings.

Joke Of The Day

From Joe.

The French government has just stated they intend to sue the black
residents of Ferguson for plagiarism.

Apparently the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot” stance was their idea.

Maybe this isn’t a joke.