More Global Warming News

Ron sent me this pic.

more global warming

As I was perusing the Atlanta Urinal and Constripation this AM I came across this story about Monarch butterflies.

More Monarch butterflies appear to have made the long flight from the U.S. and Canada to their winter nesting ground in western Mexico, raising hopes after their number dropped to a record low last year. But experts still fear that unusual cold temperatures will threaten the orange and black insects.

Wait a minute! How can this be? The planet is warming, right? That’s what all the AGW fanatics keep telling us. What’s with this “unusual cold temperatures”?

While an official census won’t be ready until mid-January, observers are seeing healthy populations of butterflies bunched together on fir and pine trees in protected sanctuaries, said Gloria Talavera, director of the official monarch butterfly reserve.

“We’re encouraged, because we’ve seen more,” Talavera said Monday.

But cold forecast for this winter, she said, “could put at risk the whole migratory phenomenon. … We will be saying a prayer each day until mid-February.”

Mexico’s National Meteorological Service predicts 55 cold fronts for the country through May, a 15 percent increase from the average, and with the possibility for repeated cold systems to extend into March and April.

I’m sure there must be some rational explanation for this forecast. Maybe it will be like the polar vortex last year that was blamed on warming at the North Pole. One of my readers and frequent commenters explained to us that warming at the North Pole caused the polar vortex and he has a masters degree so we know he is so much smarter than the rest of us.

Anyway, the cold weather is caused by global warming because, repeat after me, global warming causes everything.

Update: More record lows.