The Great Master Bathroom Of Dunwoody Update

The project continues. No one showed up yesterday. The project manager called and said the dude called in sick. Someone did show up today. He was gonna install the faucets and the grabrails around the toilet and in the shower. It turns out that the granite dudes only drilled one hole in the countertops for the faucets. They needed to drill three. The painter was supposed to return yesterday and finish up her work. No show. She’s supposed to show up today. Not here yet. Of course, when I woke up this morning it was snowing. It only stuck to the lawn and it was only a little more than a minor dusting, but this is Atlanta. One snowflake can shut down the entire metropolitan area.

On a lighter note, wound clinic called and asked me if I wanted to move tomorrow’s appointment to today. They’ve had some cancellations due to the snow. Why didn’t this happen when I really needed to get in? This appointment is just a followup. When I changed the dressing yesterday it looked like my sore is healed.

I’m With Rudy!

I totally agree with Rudy Giuliani. Obungler does not love America. He spent his formative years in Indonesia and Hawaii. One of his mentors, Frank Marshall, was a rat bastard commie. He spent twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright’s anti-America, white hating, hate speech. Even Oprah got fed up with Wright’s ranting and raving and left that “church”. On a side note, Jeremiah Wright’s daughter has just been sent to prison for embezzling $16 million in Federal health grants that should have gone to AIDS charities and other programs for the poor and needy.

Obumbler is our first president who hates America. Remember, his racist wife, said the first time she was proud of America was when her husband received the Dimocrat nomination for president. This is a woman who received an Ivy League education. There is no other country on earth where she could have received all the opportunities she has been given to succeed here. Yet, for some reason, she hates this country.

Here’s a 12 year old kid who is with Rudy as well. Wait for this kid to get smeared by black “leaders” for insulting the Obamessiah. How dare he question Obambi’s patriotism!

Today’s Racist Post

I heard sumpin’ about the Academy Awards. Did that event happen lately? I don’t pay much attention to Hollywood because it is full of overpaid, America hating, rat bastard commies. Evidently there are some black people pissed off that the movie Selma wasn’t nominated for 100 Academy Awards and this is evidence that Hollywood is full of white, black hating, racist mofo’s. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Over the years Hollywood has bent over backwards providing roles for black actors.

Let’s go all the way back to the 60’s and one of my favorite movies, The Dirty Dozen. One of the dozen was played by Jim Brown. First off, this was back in WWII when the Army was segregated. There is no way there would have been a black dude on that team. Second, the only racist on the team was the guy played by Telly Savalas. That would have been unusual back in the 40’s. Prolly half of those guys would have been racist, especially the country boy played by Fess Parker. Third, during the war game exercise they had the black dude impersonate a major in a white unit. Wouldn’t happen.

Starting in the 60’s it seemed they always tried to put a token black dude in almost every movie.

Remember the Pelican Brief with Julia Roberts? The reporter in the book was white. In the movie he was black and I think he was played by Denzel Washington.

Didja notice in cop movies the police captain is usually black, like in the movie Speed? Hollywood likes to put black people in positions of authority. Or they like to make them smart like in the latest Batman movies where Morgan Freeman played Fox.

Remember Rising Sun with Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes? In the book the Snipes character is white.

Here’s another one. The movie version of Wild, Wild West where Will Smith played James West. Really? Not to take anything away from Will Smith. He was good in Independence Day and Enemy of the State but James West? A black secret service agent during the Grant administration? What genius thought up that idea? The movie was pretty bad but casting Will Smith as James West made it even worse. What’s next? Wesley Snipes as James Kirk in a Star Trek movie?

Here’s another one, The Bone Collector, Hollywood’s adaptation of the Jeffrey Deaver novel about Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic forensic scientist. In the book, Rhyme is white. In the movie, he was played by Denzel Washington. His attendant was a gay white dude so naturally they cast Queen Latifah in that role. The only major character they got close to correct was Sachs who was supposed to be gorgeous redhead. She was played by Angelina Jolie.

Or what about Ender’s Game? Major Anderson was a white male. In the movie Anderson was a black female.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Hollywood bends over backwards to cast black actors in movies even if the characters are white in the original books, plays, or screenplays. The RWPPs are just pissed off that Selma didn’t get nominated for every major award and that proves that Hollywood is racist when in actuality the opposite is true. Did Selma win in any category? I figgered that in politically correct Hollywood it would have swept the awards.

Update: The Brits are even worse than we are. For example, when they rebooted Dr. Who, the Doctor’s first companion was Rose Tyler, a white blonde, and her boyfriend was, wait for it, black. Then, the Doctor’s next companion was Martha Jones, who was a black medical student. Her father divorced her mother and took up with a white blonde babe. The next companion was Donna Noble who was transported from her wedding, where she was marrying a black dude, to the Doctor’s TARDIS. In the episode where the Weeping Angels were introduced. Sally Sparrow, played by the adorable Carey Mulligan, was hit on by a black cop who was sent back in time before he could call her to go out for a drink. She saw him later that day on his deathbed. He wound up marrying another white girl named Sally. And the latest companion, Clara Oswald, played by the hot Jenna Coleman, had a black boyfriend, now deceased, named Danny Pink. It’s nice to see that the Brits are color blind or at least in Dr. Who Land they are and they insist on ramming it down our throats. By the way, how come blacks in the UK can speak proper English while so many American blacks can’t?