Asshole Of The Week 2-20-2015

Toejam nominated this dickhead.

A high-school physics teacher has developed his own six-day curriculum that he uses to teach about institutional racism, privilege, and social justice as part of his seniors’ physics classes.

WTF? What does white privilege have to do with physics. This brings to mind sumpin’ that happened with my nephew out in California. in his math class he had to write an essay totally unrelated to math. His father wrote a letter to the school asking why English was being taught in math class.

The teacher, Moses Rifkin of University Prep in Seattle, has also been promoting the lesson plan to other high-school science instructors.

Sure. Let’s water down our science classes with racist bullshit.

John Burk, a math and physics teacher from Delaware, said that he learned about the curriculum when he met Rifkin at a People of Color Conference and gushed that it “brilliantly brings lessons about social justice, privilege, and institutional racism into the physics classroom.”

What does “social justice, privilege, and institutional racism” have to do with physics? Nothing!

In fact, Burk loved the unit so much that he had Rifkin write a guest post about it in his (Burk’s) own blog, in which Rifkin explained: “I was jealous of my colleagues in English and History who got to talk every day in class about society and how it worked and how to be moral and caring and kind, whereas those conversations with students only happened for me outside the classroom.”

Well if that bullshit is so important to you then quit teaching science and go teach English or History. On second thought, that bullshit shouldn’t be taught in English or History either. It’s nothing more than racist propaganda. Why don’t we talk about black privilege? Yannow, how unqualified blacks are admitted to schools ahead of qualified whites or Asians. Or howza ’bout our president. You take a white person with the same skills and experience as Obungler and there is no way he could have been elected president. Sarah Palin was more qualified than Obumbler, since she had actual executive experience having run a town and a state. The only thing Oblunder had ever run was his mouth.

“That I was teaching at a private school only made matters worse: my students weren’t learning about their own privilege (academic and, in most cases, economic and racial),” Rifkin continued.

Yannow, if I were spending big bucks to send my kids to a private school and we had teachers teaching this class envy bullshit I would be on the phone to the principle demanding this bullshit stop or I would pull my kid out of there. I would have other parents doing the same thing. The parents are paying big bucks for their kids to get an education not an indoctrination.

During one section of the course, Rifkin’s post explains, students study black physicists. For a homework assignment, he instructs students to learn about a pre-1950s black physicist and also a modern black physicist. Rifkin explains that he expects finding information about black physicists will be tough, which “points to the big question of this project: why is this? Why, percentage-wise, are there dramatically fewer black physicists than black Americans?”

“Is it because black students are not interested in physics? Not capable? Something else?” the homework assignment asks.

Once again, what does that have to do with physics itself? Absolutely nothing! But if he really wants to know I can give him a quick explanation. It’s a cultural thing. It’s the anti-achievement mentality in the black culture. Doing well in school is “acting white”. I don’t think that’s the answer he wants to hear but that’s the truth. There have been studies on this. One was actually done by a black anthropologist in Shaker Heights Ohio. Read about it here. Needless to say the author of this study was castigated for the results by members of the black grievance society. Blame the messenger. But I digress.

Yes — the physicist has to be black specifically and the assignment “will not cover any other minority groups that may not be as involved in science.”

Racist right there. It only covers blacks. Amazing. This is the kind of bullshit that is being taught in schools today. Science is racist. Who knew? And to you Seattle parents who are paying to send your kid to this pricey school aren’t you happy that they are being taught racial politics instead of science? Of course this is Seattle so the parents prolly believe this crap and are happy this dude is teaching this crap to their children.

So Moses Rivkin, you have earned the coveted AOTW Award. If I had kids in your class, I would be in the principal’s office complaining about this asshole.


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  1. There’s a race war coming I fear. It’s not going to be pretty, but necessary. Fortunately for me, I live in an area where the non pigmentally challenged stick out like a sore thumb so there will be no surprises upon us.

  2. Those who use the Frankfurt school’s politically correct white guilt ad hoc hypothesis to substantiate their Occam’s razor isn’t anything new. But, you touched upon the core problem – today’s parenting. Again, that has been watered down from when I was a snot-nose yoot (my parents would’ve snuffed that shit out so fast both those self-loathing asshole teacher’s heads would swim), which leads to one of my favorite quotes.

    “What one generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace.” – John Wesley

    Yesterdays flower children are today’s blooming idiots. Self-fulfilling prophecy at the hands of public education indoctrination. Think not? Just look to Ghey *marriage* then look up what General Washington had to say about sodomy. No, I don’t use the word gay. Words matter. Gay means happy. The last thing the malcontent perverts within their Sodomite Grievance Industry can claim is being happy. The Left likes to hijack our language. See: Patient Protection Affordable Care Act. Again, forced participation or, from quote above, “will embrace.”

    With all due respect, much like Herschel, I beg to differ about any claim made about the incompetency of Obama:

  3. This is a great choice. I send my daughter to a private school and still get this crap to a certain degree. My daughter gets frustrated as she values the time to study the subject matter, not to digress into some crap the teachers want to espouse. I’ve voiced my complaints, and await improvement, but these poor kids in this a-holes class have it as bad as last weeks radical brownies. We are doomed.

  4. “talk every day in class about society and how it worked and how to be moral and caring and kind,”

    Is this before or after the little darlings blow each other away in gang shootouts?

    ““Is it because black students are not interested in physics? Not capable? Something else?” the homework assignment asks. ”

    I know! I know! ‘Cause they DEAD!

    Or because physics is a “white thing” so why bother with it?

  5. When I think about Obama`s actions & agenda during his first administration & his re-election despite that record , what comes to mind for me is Nikita Krushchev`s statements of how we would fall from power , that the Soviet Union would bury us & wave as they passed us by.
    The agenda of Obama & the Democrats is a mission of destruction for the United States which apparently is favored by a whole lot of Americans who vote in elections supporting this Socialist Agenda.
    Since the days of FDR the Socialists have increased their power & ability to fool the people virtually unchallenged & the people still clueless as to the real agenda.
    They have gained control over the Democratic Party , the media , our educational system , established a false belief over climate warming /change & somehow have convinced Black America they are the protectors & best hope for people of color despite a 150 year history of support for slavery, the Secession of the South/civil war , the rise of the Ku Klux Klan & ongoing denial of civil rights.
    Without question since the Socialists have come to dominate the Democratic party we have witnessed the election of in my mind the three worst presidents in the last 100 years if not ever. Carter ,Clinton & now Obama have disgraced this country, angered & abandoned our allies, destroyed our military advantage & worked to criminalize traditional American success & values putting us now on the brink of a total collapse.
    What is going on in our schools is pandemic now in every area of our society, what is tragic is the success they enjoy as more & more Americans willing allow their freedoms to be eroded or taken away.
    I believe were the 2016 Presidential Elections to be held today despite Obama`s record of failure…….The Democrats would elect Hillary Clinton President.with the support of most American people. What is even more shocking if Obama could run for President again , he would win..
    Rayvet is of the opinion a race war is on the horizon , well if it happens in the next 5 to 10 years we will most certainly be in the battle but time favors this race war will be between the Hispanics & Blacks as the Hispanics take control as the supreme minority.
    I must admit my living in a Democratic dominated city which has been in slide to oblivion since they took total control back in 1962 heavily influences my political position but does qualify me to recognize when a culture is poised for free fall & rotted to the core.
    I must also admit I do not understand the apathy of the American people despite the preponderance of evidence which should forewarn them but they choose instead to ignore the obvious.
    As for the previously mentioned Nikita Krushchev a crude boorish man who could be on par with Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce as a prophet or seer, his comments back in the 1950`s & 60s seem to make this the case or he was just plain lucky with his predictions. Either way they are verging on being correct & we are about to lose the greatest nation to have ever existed on this planet.
    Denny has said many times “We are Doomed” but I in the past had always tried to be optimistic ……Time has passed with no resurrection of American Pride or Can do spirit, I have changed my core beliefs & now am more in line with Denny`s position. What was once a voice in the wilderness is becoming a chorus.

  6. I believe it was a math class where my daughter’s friends were talking about some day having kids. My daughter said “Kids are nothing by a black hole of need.”

    One of the classmates said “you can’t say that. That’s racist.”

    The idiot teacher walking by also informed by daughter that she can’t say such things. My daughter asked, “What am I supposed to say, ‘Kids are nothing by a white hole of need’?”

    The teacher then threatened her with the principal’s office. Idiots.

    • When you live in a society where everything is racist then everyone is a racist. That’s like the white guy who was fired when he talked about a “niggardly budget” in a DC City Council meeting. The dumb black members of the council were too fucking stupid to realize that “niggardly” had absolutely nothing to do with “nigger”. In fact, the roots of that word were dutch. When that was pointed out to these assholes, the dude was rehired.

      We had another example of that here in Atlanta when a member of the perpetually aggrieved race wrote a letter to the Atlanta Urinal and Constipation claiming that the term “black ice” was racist. You cannot make this shit up.

      Way back in 1967 when I was on the USS Comstock LSD-19, we had a black radioman. He was nearby when one of the crew members said to another crew member, “Boy, it sure is hot out today.” The RM immediately jumped in and said, “Don’t call me boy.” The guy turned around and said, “I wasn’t even talking to you.” That was almost 50 years ago. It’s gotten even worse today. It must really suck to find offense in everything anyone says.

  7. Get OVER it, you ignorant jackasses… As the above post shows, ANY mention of the word “Black”, no matter WHAT the context, is liable to get the Perpetually Pissed-Off Class screaming in high dudgeon over RAY-CISM…

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