Saturday Boobage 1-28-2015

Catfish sent me this one. They don’t have to be big to be nice.


15 comments on “Saturday Boobage 1-28-2015

  1. She is lovely. Their (the boobage’s) form are perfect. Small is good. They won’t be banging odd her knees when she’s 40! She gets my highest praise: the “I’d lick the sweat off her belly” Award.

  2. Dang, a blonde (well sort of) with tits shaped like Mr. Spock’s ears. Nice tribute Denny!

    Wow! And a Unicorn devoid of its single horn. I bet the rainbow is behind the barn.

    Blonde + Unicorn + rainbow = The Progressive Liberal’s dream of America after the Emperor Obama announces he’s abolishing the office of president by Executive order and creating the new leadership role of Emperor Supreme with NO expiration date. Of course, his mate (the terms “wife & husband” were abolished by the same order to appease the Lesbos and Homos and as the glitter rained down and his majesty the Emperor toked on a foot-long doobie while Moosechelle shoved a similar sized, multi-pronged dildo up a totally naked, V.E (Vice Emperor) Biden’s ass (he loved it), Hitlery was servicing the entire line of masochistic lesbian Rockettes with her snake-like tongue. The musical accompaniment was provided by 16 crack-addicted Rap Artists recently pardoned by the Emperor after serving parts of like-without-the -possibility-of-parole. What a bash. Too bad I couldn’t attend since I was in prison along with Denny charged with violating the regulations of the “Net-Neutral” edict.

    OH YEA! Today’s boobage analysis? I forgot all about it in the thick miasma of a Thorazine melt-down.

    1) Face: She’s a surprising likeness of Megyn Kelly (FoxNews). Same hair style and perfect nose. I’m not sure about those lips, however. This lady sports a small mouth pout that I don’t think is Megyn’s. However it does complement the rest of her features and, if stretched by my 9 inch cervical expander, it would be of sufficent size to get the “job” done. Rating: “A+”

    2) Boobage: Very, very nice proclaims the consummate leg loving Toejam. Of course most of you neophytes will scream: “TOO SMALL!” Size is in the eyes of the beholders. And after consulting with Dr. Finkelstein, I have come to the conclusion these lovely chesticles are just right for her svelte form. Rating: “A+++”.

    3) Torso: Magnificent! That is except for the metallic navel canker. A small, but significant negative on an otherwise prize-winning, perfectly pelvic-flared baby factory. Well the up-side is that belly-blight is removable. And the best part is I can replace it with my tongue. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A+”.

    PS: I don’t rate horses. Even babes who look like horses.

    Now that another boobage rating is in the bag I can take a nice long nap. DDP is stranded in Malibu and is hunkered down with a copy of “50 Shades of Grey”. I suspect there’s nothing in that tome that she and I haven’t done. But if reading it gets her titillated all the better. Speaking of “titillating” keep your fingers above your waist-line sweetie. That territory has been “staked-out” by yours truly.

      • OOOOH, The ole whip trick. And while I’m naked and tied “spread-eagle” on our Emperor sized playground. That’ll be just fine, DDP. I’m looking forward to having you Flick-my-Bic!

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