Saturday Boobage 6-27-2015

In his ongoing quest to piss off Toejam, AlphaDelta sent me another large chested babe to post. Hello Alice! What’s not to like? Long dark hair and a nice rack. I have posted a picture of this babe before but she deserves a second look. She’s a Brit and the boobage is real. Also, as AD pointed out, she is smart enough not to have any ink or metal. I’ll have to take his word about the metal since we can’t see her navel and I hope he’s right about the ink as well. Why any beautiful woman would cover her body with tattoos is beyond me. Update: Not sure if these were before surgery or after surgery. Before they were 32F (UK cup sizes are different from ours. A UK F is equivalent to an American DD which is still pretty large.) For some reason she had hers enhanced to 32FF. (I couldn’t find a UK FF on my conversion chart but it’s prolly an American DDD) So, this picture could be after her enlargement. She had them enlarged in 2009.

Alice Goodwin

13 comments on “Saturday Boobage 6-27-2015

  1. Not sure those are natural. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just sayin’.
    P.S. Where are you, Toejam? We have been like ships passing in the night. Come meet me at our secret place. You know where.

  2. Gross. Natural? No way, no how? I ain’t buying it no matter who swears under oath they are. Those are unnaturally enhanced in a way that stretches those nipples way beyond what mother nature intended. BTW beautiful face.

  3. Denny & A/D are once again conspiring to aggravate me. We’ll guys you haven’t succeeded. Maybe a full frontal nude of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or even the FLOUS would push me over the edge but this lovely lass? Nada! She’s fresh, delectable female meat and even with those bloated chesticles she’s kinda sweet looking.

    1) FACE: Ok the raven black hair should be replaced by a light blonde but we have to make do with what were given. Just remember, Black hair on top means black hair down to her tippy-toes. Yup, long ago I met a young lady at work. She wasn’t a vivacious, make-up covered nymph. She was a tall slender 29 year old dark-haired woman with 2 young kids and a cretin hubby. Fortunately for me she and hubby weren’t seeing eye-to-eye and she had the sexual appetite of a female mink in heat. So, with little fanfare we began a wonderful 8-year long clandestine hide the salami relationship. She was perfect in every way except one. She has a growth of heavy black hairs on both big toes. When we were in 180 degree opposite juxtaposition those Toe forests were right there before my eyes. I begged her to use Nair or shave ’em but alas to no avail. So I can brag that I’m the only person on this forum and maybe on the east coast who ended a relationship for toe-hair. Anyway, back to business. Her facial features are indeed alluring. A fine nasal canopy sits perfectly between two “come hither” ocular orbs. Even her slightly bloated lower lip serves her well. OK gents; imagine your uber-sensitive frenulum sliding across that fantastic labium inferius oris. Bingo. Rating: “A++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Ok here’s where Denny, A/D and I differ. They, suffering from mega tit neurosis always go for the “bigger-the-better” bloated sacs. I, however, being the consummate breast to body ratio expert see this woman’s milk factories as over-sized. That’s not to say I’d reject her if she offered to sate me orally, but I’d at least have to close my eyes as those bobbing jugs created a sonic shockwave. And Denny, although her aureoles are large they, thankfully, do not exhibit the hue of a stage IV melanoma.
    Rating: “B+”.

    3) THIGHS: The photograph doesn’t do her upper legs justice. Yea they are shapely, firm, toned, silky and flawless but I need to see the up-close and in real life. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A+”.

    That’s a wrap on today’s analysis session.

    I’m kinda worried about DDP. We haven’t been together for some time and last night I saw news report on the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision. The news station showed some clips of ye queer folks celebrating around the country and when it was Malibu’s turn I swear I saw DDP sticking her tongue into the ear of a 20 something, blonde. My heart and reproductive organ sank. Then I realized DDP was an equal-opportunity lover. I really like the fact she spreads herself around and does not have hairy big toes. Love’s Ya, DDP!

    In any even between the corrupt decisions on ObamaCare & Gay marriage I’m a bit confused. But having said that I’d love to do a three-some with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor and have it recorded for posterity. Then, after reaching my 90th birthday, I’d watch it with a few drinking buddies, 12 times a day.

    Now I’m off to Kohls. They rent crawl-space above the lady’s dressing rooms cheap if you get there before noon.

    • Inbred,

      You don’t need to address Denny as “Sir”.

      Ya know like a slave addressing his master.

      The NSA might interpert it as being criminally Racist, thus turning the matter over to the D.O.J for prosecution.

      • Hey, TJ, I know that Mr. Wilson worked for a livin’ and wasn’t an officer. I’m just showin’ my upbringin’ and givin’ all due respect to my elders. After all, Denny is my senior, as I’m only 67.

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