The Washington Hypocrites

Ron wrote a parody song for crazy Uncle Joe. Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies.

Come an’ listen to my story ‘bout a man named Joe,
A poor senator with a mind that’s dull and slow.
And then one day he was huntin for a clue
When The One asked if he’d be number 2.

Veep, that is
Duty jerk
Ceremonial spear catcher

So the lib folks said, ” Joe, leave your Senate seat.
We need a figurehead since the Clintons have been beat.”
Said, “Give up makin laws and quit givin’ people lip.”
So he joined the guy that voters thought was ignorant but hip.

Messiah, that is
Hope and Change
Rock star

Now Joe is gonna travel to exotic distant lands,
He’ll spend his nights at dinners and his days a’shakin hands,
His senate job has made him good at shovelin shit,
Now he’s gonna be the Presidential Fool in charge of it.

Ass kissin, that is

Cue the banjo breakdown

It’s time for the Washington Hypocrites,
Starring Barry Obamateur as The Great Pretender
Joe Biden as The Village Idiot
Harry Reid as The Black Hole of Fun
Nancy Pelosi as The Dried-Up Well of Reason

Can I Date?


From what I hear, he’s dating now, only on the sly. Fer sure Thunder Rodent Thighs knows about it but she still needs him so what can she do? Anyway, she’s a carpet muncher and she has Huma so it’s not like she’s missing out on any sex. Of course, if she does get elected, he’ll have to be a lot more careful since the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party won’t be able to cover for him, like they tried to do with Monica, now that we have the internet and alternate media.