AOTW 9-18-2015

I could give it to Jug Hussein Ears Downgrade for honoring a Mooslime boy who took a clock to school that looked like a bomb. I wonder what he would have done had the kid been a Christian? Nothing. He tries over and over again to prove that he’s a Mooslime. Ask yourself, what would he be doing differently if he was a Mooslime and then tell yourself he isn’t one.

But I’m giving it to yet another crazy liberal Brit Emily Blunt.

While filming a segment with other stars for The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend, British-born actress Emily Blunt said she regretted becoming a U.S. citizen after watching the Aug. 6 Fox News Republican debate.

While the actress did not expound on her anti-GOP comment, a number of statements made by her since she gained citizenship, along with her admiration for President Obama, tells us that in just six weeks, Blunt has already accepted in her own mind what most on the Left have been advocating for years: America is not an exceptional country, and the Republican Party is to blame for everything.

Blunt, 32, who hails from a place which is currently in the crosshairs of an Islamic invasion, officially became an American Aug. 4 in Los Angeles, CA, alongside Camila Alves, the wife of Matthew McConaughey.

Go back to Britain you twit!

Over the weekend, during one of a number of instances where Blunt has come off less-than excited about becoming an American, the actress said during a conversation about who she feels would make a good president, “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?’”

Exactly! What have you done? You don’t belong in this country. You belong in Britain which is being invaded by Mooslimes. So go home. You may never win an Oscar but you have won the AOTW Award.


RIP Gary

I forgot to note that Gary Richrath, founding member of REO Speedwagon died last Sunday. He was only 65. After he left REO in 1989 (that long ago?) the group sucked because the jerkweed who replaced him was nowhere near the guitarist that he was. I saw them at a Braves game a couple of years ago and left before their set was over. That’s how bad they were without Gary. Gary could really make his guitar sing. I saw them live back in the ’80’s in St. Louis, at the height of their popularity. Since they came from Champagne Illinois they got a lot of airplay in St. Louis on KSHE before they hit it big nationally. I still maintain that their second album was their best. RIP Gary. You now get to jam with a lot of greats in the afterlife.

Little Queenie from their second album R.E.O/T.W.O. Boots Randolph on Sax.