Dear Germany

Dear Germany,

I have a few tidbits of advice for you on how to handle your invaders.

1. These people are not refugees. They are invaders. They do not like your customs and culture. They will not assimilate. They are your enemies. Get this through your warped minds. This is a clash of civilizations that has been going on for 1400 years. It’s Islam against Western Civilization. And to you stupid liberal multiculturists, if Islam does take over, you idiots will be the first ones who will be killed.

2. Build plenty of prisons. You will need them. Better yet, build some concentration camps. You guys were pretty good at that back in the 20th Century. Here’s an idea. You’ve got Auschwitz just sitting around as a memorial. It wouldn’t take too much to refurbish it and make it a holding pen for the Mooslime invaders. What a delicious irony that would be.

3. Quit surrendering to these savages. Grow a pair. I’ve been reading about how you are cautioning your female citizens not to wear provocative dress for fear of offending these barbarian savages. In Bavaria you asked a school near one of the holding areas to cover up the girls so they wouldn’t offend the Mooslimes since they were wearing short skirts. WTF? It’s time to tell these savages that if they are offended by your culture it’s time for them to move back to the shitholestans they escaped from. This is your country, not theirs. If they attack any of your women, they and their families will be sent to a concentration camp and shipped back to where they came from.

4. You people are making a big mistake by letting any of these people into your country. You will pay a big price for this mistake just like we in the US will pay a big price because the Mooslime in the White House and the traitorous Dimocrat Party are allowing more Mooslimes to enter this country.

As I said, this is a war that has been going on for 1400 years and this wave of “refugees” is an invasion. There’s plenty of room in Arab countries and they are the ones who should be taking in these “refugees” and not EUrope and the US. Islam knows it is at war with us. Unfortunately, too many people in EUrope and the US do not know that we are at war with Islam. This is the start of WWIII and we have a fifth column of Mooslimes in our countries. When the shooting starts, they will pledge allegiance to Islam and not EUrope and the US.

It ain’t gonna be pretty.