Saturday Boobage 10-10-2015

This cutie is from Rayko.


Click on image to enlarge.

Update: Toejam has a disaster at his house so he will not be rating this lovely lass.

14 comments on “Saturday Boobage 10-10-2015

  1. WOW! Finally an all-around beautiful girl. Truly the “girl next door” type. I wish she lived next door to me – No I don’t, My wife wouldn’t like my “neighborly” attentions.

    Let’s just see Toejam find something wrong with this one.

  2. Toejam~where are you??? I hope you didn’t fall through the ceiling of Victoria’s Secret again…..wearing only your tighty whities. I can’t afford to bail you out again!


    PS…how’s the gout?

  3. I am starting to get worried. The Great and Glorious Tittymeister
    has never taken this long to render an opinion on the subject
    of mammalian portruberances. Is Toejam ill?

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