Saturday Boobage 10-17-2015

Do you like cowgirls? Tom sent me a picture of one.


Click on image to enlarge.

15 comments on “Saturday Boobage 10-17-2015

  1. Yes I like cowgirls. Yes, I like the freckles she has. No I don’t like that friggen steering wheel (on the wrong side of the vehicle BTW, maybe she’s from down under) smashing her boob and preventing gravity from doing its thing.

  2. The professor’s back for a renewed analysis of Denny’s Boobage farm yard. Hada take some time off to fight the evil Gout. Man O’ Man it was one pain in the foot. Swelled up like my dick when I was 17 years old and along with about 20 other horny dudes had a 40 minute study hall to gaze on Carol Frank’s fantastic legs. Carol, like all the girls in the 1950’s wore ankle length skirts, white ankle socks and saddle shoes. However, she and the rest of the school knew her fantastic legs went from her toes to her neck. So during study hall the legs were crossed and the skirt hiked up toward her furry honey pot. Golly, if hardons could have generated electricity the entire school would have been lit up for a week.

    Any way my doctor took blood and yup after 73 healthy (except for an odd case or 12 of STD) I was attacked by those evil Ureic acid crystals. I lost a couple of nights sleep before the doctor prescribed some heavy duty drugs and a heavy duty anti-inflammatory pills. Now my foot is better but the stomach is as sore as the belly of a freshly skinned possum. On top of everything a water pipe broke in my bathroom causing a lot of damage to the sub-flooring. Hopefully the insurance comes through. I’m thinking of having my bathroom done over in the “Dunwoody period” style.

    OK, enough of my personal carping and onto the babe review.

    1) FACE: Wholesome, lightly freckled, down-on-the-farm wide-eyed innocence radiates from her White Privileged face. I bet she hasn’t been corn-holed but a few times. I’d like to see her posterior to see if she displays some straw bedding burns. I bet the local guys have plowed her North Forty a few times in the loft. Her hair is down-right rural, cut with a John Deere harvester and blown dry by a Kansas tornado. Rating: “A-“.

    2) BOOBAGE: Sweet, firm, natural and the aureoles not too big or too small. Just “suckin’ on” good. Not too many sun rays have glanced off those boobangas either. She should really get a few sun lamps installed in the hay loft. A little vitamin D wouldn’t hurt. All in all a nice crop of milk sacks. Rating: “A””.

    Can’t see much else. Did Denny crop the picture to prevent me from see her gorgeous gams? Probably not. My recent malady prevented me from taking a week long venture into the depths of DDP’s soul and other juicy parts. I think I’ll skip today’s letch-peek session at the local Kohl’s dressing rooms and I’ll head to the airport instead. Get yourself ready DDP. I’m hornier than a two-peckered billy goat in spring time. OH YEA, since my bathroom is currently out of service make sure you lay in about 6 dozen rolls of Mega sized Charmin, a case of Patchouli incense and oil up the jack-hammer plunger.

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