Saturday Boobage 11-28-2015

They don’t have to be big to be nice.


From Pres.

18 comments on “Saturday Boobage 11-28-2015

  1. To each his own.
    Too young. Too “sweet.” Doesn’t know what she wants – and so on.
    The one a couple of weeks ago was darn near a goddess. A bit older and better filled out. Likely neurotic as hell, but’s nearly worth it.

      • Hey, TR, I believe that the more cushion, the more pushin’. Up to a point, of course. I ain’t no chubby-chaser, but women that look as though you’d bruise yourself ’cause they are too slender don’t do much for me. I’ll always take one that’s built for comfort and not for speed. Size of the jugs is just something incidental to enjoyment, but a full figured woman is a think of beauty.

  2. OMFG to the “nth” power, Denny. Merci Beaucoup. You’ve found a beauty who body rivals that of DDP. What a wonderful post-Thanksgiving Day present. I’ll forever be in your debt. May the heavens open and pour thousands of 38-DDD’s and their attached saucer sized aureoles over your Dunwoodie Chateau.

    I’m having trouble composing today’s expert analysis since I can’t take my eyes off this wonderful woman. But, alas, my professional demeanor wins out over my banal lust.

    1) FACE: Downright schoolgirl pretty. Of course, in reality, she’s probably known as the neighborhood Schwinn since every dude from 12 to 85 have slipped onto her saddle and have ridden her many miles. Blonde hair? I think with the help of the application monthly of a quart of Hydrogen Peroxide. Having said that, it appears she’s captured the virginal look of a 1950’s choir girl. Rating: “A++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Just the way I like ’em. 34C, pert, pointed upward at exactly a 39 degree angle from the horizontal. Mother Nature has made few of these bodacious breast beauties and they are as rare as Hillary Clinton’s moral purity. What a find. If I could only jump into this picture I’d softly apply my salivating lips to those wonders. Rating: “A+++”.

    3) TORSO: Yummie. What an example of a svelte firm midsection. No bulges. No sign of any un-toned fatty lumps. Just a magnificent smooth area of the body that not enough attention is paid. Rating: “A+”.

    4) LEGS: Saving the best for last. And, next to DDP these are the finest lower limbs I’ve had the pleasure to cast my cataract clouded eyes upon in years. Long, toned and ultra shapely. Not a single flaw visible or known to exist. If I could be resurrected as a 5-bladed Lady’s Gillette Venus Embrace razor owned by this extraordinary woman I’d gladly hand myself over the local medical school tomorrow. Imagine your face as those finely honed blades gliding up her taught caves and over her firm thighs toward the bikini area. Oh the ecstasy of the very thought has my feeble heart pounding like that of American Pharoah as he bounds across the finish line at Churchill Downs. I’m beginning to hyperventilate and the screen is blurring. I must relax and end the viewing before my aorta blows out my heaving chest. Rating: “A+++++”. Yup right up there with my 5-+ honey, DDP.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A+++”.

    Okay, that has to end my lecture for this Saturday. After a cold shower and a warm mug of soothing Cocoa I’m gonna call DDP and discuss today’s lady. I think she might be a little jealous that I’ve rating today’s darling so high. But I just calls ’em as I sees ’em. Besides, this analysis session has warmed me up and caused my Testosterone levels to skyrocket. DDP always love it when I come storming through the front door, tear her Victoria’s Secret silky and skimpy negligee off with my teeth and perform my act of love with the ferocity of a 12,000 horse power “River Don” steam engine running at open throttle.

    Sometimes I have to cram my jockey shorts into her mouth to keep the neighborhood from thinking the town’s air raid sirens are signaling the imminent arrival of a 37 ton Ruski Bulava ICBM. Yup, the lady surely has some strong vocal cords. Not to speak of those legs that could crush my head to a pulp in a heartbeat.

  3. There TJ – a picture is worth a thousand words. Having read lots and lots about DDP, we now see a likeness (not exact, but gives us a good idea). You are a discerning man (mostly).

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