Saturday Boobage 12-19-2015

Another blonde from AlphaDelta.


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14 comments on “Saturday Boobage 12-19-2015

  1. No lengthy analysis today gang. Had one excellent assessment in the tank but some douchebag hacker wiped it as I was about to hit the “post comment” button. A/D you playing the Russian computer wiz role?

    My screen went to some bullshit ad and when I tried to reverse course my voluminous analysis was gone. Denny, you responsible?

    This babe’s legs, however are worthy of a few hours of eyeballing.

    • LOL! Me? A hacker? Nah, t’was just a wee bit’o pre-Christmas toehead Boobage sent for Toejam.

      Hacker? C’mon, is it a phone or a computer?


  2. I had similar problems as Toejam’s. I had to erase my shortcut to your site Denny and make a new one. Apparently you have another ahole troll somewhere Denny

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