Saturday Boobage 12-5-2015

In memory of summer from Catfish. Actually, since she’s wearing a sweater, it could be Autumn.


18 comments on “Saturday Boobage 12-5-2015

  1. Titan tits! And aureoles modeled after Saturn’s rings. But the water looks fine and I wouldn’t mind being the crotch in that pair of sweat pants she’s wearing. I hate fucking winter and the bullshit Christmas crap that has a large portion of the population running around after “toys” while the Islamic hoards are about to launch a run for America’s Caliphate. What a bunch of asshole stooges 80% of Americans are. Sadly, the majority of those 80%ers are Millennials under the age of 55 yrs. They never knew military service, Conservative Nationalism taught in schools or economic deprivation. So this is the pool of ignorance that the perfect storm will rise from. On the other hand ALL Islamic assholes are smarter than the 80%, have been indoctrinated in “kill all infidels” and the use from an early age on how to shoot, behead and blow-up. America’s in a death spiral and the Bungler-in-Chief is at the vortex.

    Now I’ve set the stage for the future of Ameristan, let me, as usual, offer my expert opinion of today’s contestant.

    1) FACE: Sweet. As a matter of fact she bears an eerie resemblance to my daughter. The only things that belie that observation are her bloated tits and the canker on the right side of her torso. I like her pure, unspoiled looks. Must be the exposure to the salt air on a daily basis. Interestingly enough my daughter was raised near the sea. Her brown hair tied in a pony-tail, pert smile on a well sculpted face of flawless complexion are a doppelganger of my darling daughter’s Rating: “A++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Actually no too bad. They are shapely, firm and seductive. They only negative factors are the sizes of the boobs themselves and those rose colored caps. If she were to see Dr. Finkelstein and go from a 38-D to a 36-C it would be awesome. Rating: “A”.

    3) TORSO: Very nice but she loses marks for that canker. Dr. Finkelstein could make that disappear when sucking about 2 pounds of mammary material from her boobs, and at no extra cost if she uses my name. He owes me a few favors for the numerous referrals I’ve sent him. This lady’s torso is slim, trim and well proportioned. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A+”.

    See that wasn’t as dire as my awesome introductory message.

    Today the local village is having a “Christmas parade” down Main Street. I, of course, will not be present. I recognize Christmas as just another peasant pacifying Zombie feel-good spasm created by the upper classes to pacify the ordinary people. It is mostly benign compared to Islam, which on the other hand is used to indoctrinate the masses into a Lean, mean Muslim machine. Mark Toejam’s words: “Things are going to get worse. A lot worse. And the possibility of the total destruction of our Nation is rising daily.

    I’m headed to Malibu for Christmas and I’m going to bury my head in every possible part of DDP’s anatomy for an entire week. I’m not sure how I’m going to get there since flying is expensive and I, like Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, have donated 99% of my fortune to charity. However, instead of trying to save the world by shelling out all by half a billion bucks to Liberal, shithole groups I’m dispensing my fortune amongst the militant, white, bible-clutching, gun-loving hillbilly folks in the mountains so they can hunker down supplied with plenty of survival stuff and fend off the coming Islamic tide.

    • Dude – You don’t understand boob sizing. Changing the boob size wouldn’t take her from a 38 to a 36. All it would do was change the cup size. I would be willing to bet that this young lady is a 34D.

      • I’m sure you’re correct Denny. I’m still learning the “girly bust-size details”, but I do have a PhD in Lovely lady’s Legs and have studied them closely, very closely for many decades. That’s my field of expertise.

  2. Not yet mentioned is the obvious fact that if the Coast Guard would come aboard for an inspection (Not of her but, of the vessel she in) they would have to approve of the dual life preservers that she is wearing. Any boaters know if there is a statute for not dimming those headlights on the water?

  3. She’s nice an’ all, but I cracked up at the middle sea lion looking through the navigational beacon as if saying, “wait. come back!”.

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