Saturday Boobage 2-27-2016

Catfish just sent me a bunch of beauties. Here is one of them.


5 comments on “Saturday Boobage 2-27-2016

  1. Ah…the underboob! Toejam will probably like this one.

    Denny~ Give my regards to Toe. I’ll be on the road for a few weeks, so limited internet. I’ll check in when I can.


  2. Hi DDP. Miss you. You voluptuous, insatiable sex machine. See. I told you we had some things in common. Please stay safe on the road. Drivers these days are inconsiderate, self-centered idiots and I don’t want that fantastic bod of yours bruised, contused or in any way used.

    Oh yea. Ole Catfish seems to have reeled in a winner alright. Although no a real blonde. Check the eyebrows. She’s made a great attempt at covering those dark roots. Did you know eyebrows are just misplaced pubic hair? Yup, them bristles might not be as short and curly as the lower deck lawn but they do have the same consistency and reflect the color. So, if in doubt scope out the brows and they’ll tell the true color of the carpet.

    Ok, buckle up, turn off your iPhones and empty your bladders (not necessarily in that order of course) we’re going on yet another Saturday sojourn through female body analysis.

    1) FACE: The usual Testosterone inducing hard porn face. Not that I’m complaining, but for just once I’d like to see a young, virginal un-tanned face which reflects the “Shirley Temple” innocence, but belies her true horny, seductive, a climax at any cost mug. The blonde hair and bottle tan doesn’t achieve that goal. Rating: “B+”.

    2) BOOBAGE: I confess they are the real deal and sport perfect, unmarred aureoles with just the perfect nipples. Of course we must take into account the lady’s position. Lying on her back could disguise the fact that her pectoral muscles have atrophied to the point where, when she stands, those bazungas hang below her navel. I sincerely doubt it of course as my professional eye scans the area. Round, firm and fully packed refer to more than Luck Strike cigarettes. Rating: “A+++”.

    3) TORSO: Like her chest baggage her midsection is a wonderful example of the toned, tanned body dedicated to lots of low-impact exercise. Tightens every tensor muscle to perfection. I like the smooth unblemished abdominal skin. She should donate that derma organ after death to Ludwig drum makers, Inc. What a wonderful rare snare drum with an innie planted right in the middle. Something we haven’t seen since the official Gestapo marching band used, slightly marred samples from Auschwitz. Rating: “A++”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A++”.

    Yup another babe analysis in the tank. My day will be filled making “cold calls” to registered Democrat voters. I’ll be telling them the NC primaries have been postponed till sometime next year. That’ll cause a wrinkle in their predictable anointing of Queen Bee Hitlary. Bernie is simply a stooge making the nomination process seem equitable and fair. Yes he appears to have a huge following but that’s all part of the scam. All those people are being paid an hourly wage of about half the legal minimum hourly sum by the Clinton Global Intuitive to complete the illusion of a fierce battle for the DNC blessing. Believe me Hillary had to munch on a lot of carpets to get this job done.

    After a few hours of cold-calling I’ll probably watch some porn, drink my nightly cup of Bourbon laced cocoa and head off to bed. I’ll fall into the arms of Morpheus thinking about my next session with DDP.

    Not a freakin’ chance I’m going to watch the racist strutting of a bunch of over-paid, under talented Millennial assholes collecting 8 pounds of Lead covered by a veneer of Gold. Yea, I’d bang a few of the primadona sweeties, but they’d have to come to me.

    • You’re right about being a fake blonde. I cropped the bottom half of this so I can attest to her being a brunette. I hate fake blondes who don’t take the time to bleach their eyebrows like the blonde on NCIS. She’s obviously a fake blonde. How hard is it to have the eyebrows done at the same time as the hair? About 15 years ago Playboy Playmate Heather Kozar not only bleached her eyebrows but went even further and bleached her pubes so the bleached carpet matched her bleached drapes. Of course, in real life her pubes would not have been that blonde. Now, women just shave so, if they bleach their eyebrows they can fake being a real blonde.

      I have posted some innocent looking faces. They’re the ones that really turn me on. Those are the type of girls Playboy used to have as Playmates, girls next door, girls you wouldn’t expect to pose naked. They then used models with fake tits. Every now and then they would find one like Sara Jean Underwood. Now, there is no more nudity in Playboy. Getting rid of nudity in Playboy is gonna go down as being the worst business decision since New Coke. Watch their subscriptions plummet. Hefner has become senile.

  3. Very beautiful, but those appear to be implants. Implants are great, they’re lovely, they’re fine. I prefer the real thing.

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