Saturday Boobage 4-23-2016

This one is from Ray.


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  1. Ray gets it correct when A/D falls down on the job. Yup, Ole Ray has presented today’s meeting with one heck of a prize specimen of female flesh. She “Purdy” as they say here in the mountains where the strumming of banjo strings is as common as the buzz of Cicada in the summer. It’s a pity we can’t observe the lady’s lower half. Heck, if we could, I would give a 3 hour discourse on those perfect appendages formerly known as LEGS. I bet the sight of those legs would induce enough Testosterone and Endorphins in the body of men who still use the public Men’s Rooms to bring tears of joy to their faces.

    1) FACE: Nice, Virginal despite the application of an abundant amount of manufactured face paint. Her half-agape smile, bright eyes, pearly white teeth and long auburn hair add up to an acceptable score. Congrats little (and I’m not referring to her chest adornments) lady. Rating “A+”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Natural, symmetrical and well present…..EXCEPT for the aureoles. Despite what Denny says about any babe with aureoles the diameter of Saturn’s rings: “Perfect A to B ratio” these rosy items are about 2 sizes too large for the plinths they’re resting on. However, I’m in a great mood today because the sun shines the temperature is gonna go North of 70 and the neighbor’s legs will be on display. So we’ll err on the side of political correctness and refrain from “calling a spade a spade”. Rating: “A”.

    3) TORSO & ARMS: Nice stuff and well worth a long lingering look-see. Well-toned, silky smooth & perfectly shaped. These fine flesh objects d’art spell a long lucrative future for madam. She’ll make millions as a front line model and personal paramour for some Saudi oil mogul’s Harem. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A+”.

    Now it’s off to the local park where the superb beauty of flora, fauna and female flesh will be in abundance. I’m excited and expect to fill my mental notebook with page after page of erotic sightings. Then it’s off to the local bucket of blood to catch the afternoon matinee pole dance. They crank up the throbbing music about 4 PM and the babes appear from the ceiling as they slide slowly down the polish poles. A few weeks ago a newbie dancer wearing a slightly oversized G-string got hung up and left the public eye-patch halfway up the 12 foot shaft. She made twice the normal tips because we in the audience could by-pass the middle man and slip the dollar bill directly into her 2 bodily waste exit points. A couple of guys with poor reflexes almost had their fingers crushed.

    So, Schlong to ya’ll and have a great day from the guy enjoying the Sunny South. That includes DDP out in Malibu waiting for the “Big one”. No not that kind of “Big one” that would produce a 7.2 quake in the loin area. The “Big one” that’ll make selling beachfront property in Nevada a reality!

    • Your biased based upon who submits images, now? You silly old coot. It’s the same Hungarian girl with bolt-ons from a month ago!

      “toejam on March 19, 2016 at 7:54 am said:

      Mismatched aureoles are a common factor in the female anatomy. Just like one foot might be a half size larger than the other. Our right side isn’t an exact mirror image of the left. Mother Nature has designed this through evolution. Just as some people are 6 feet tall and their siblings might only be 5 feet 4 inches. Anyway that justifies the irregularity and also tells us those bazungas haven’t been the subject of alteration by human hands. I’m a little tired from a long night of researching my new, yet to be published, book which will is based on my expert analysis of the mysterious “Third Nipple”. Yes it is a fairly common phenomenon, but little researched. The title of this learned tome is: “When three isn’t exactly a Ménage a Trois, but it’ll give you a stiffie in any event”. I expect it to reach #1 on the New York Times list of non-fiction best sellers.

      OK, enough advertisement. Denny charges me a lot per letter for these promotions.

      1) FACE: The typical porn queen. Albeit, an alluring queen. Does anyone really expect to see their pastors wife standing tall baring all for the photographer? No, it takes a certain type of individual. One who isn’t burdened with moral guilt and has a body to be proud of. Of course it doesn’t hurt to be paid a handsome fee to feed your Cocaine habit either. Actually this young lady possesses the attributes of a high priced Vegas call girl and those of an innocent, Celtic colleen right from the fields of Athenry after a hard day of tending the spuds. A closer look, however reveals the eye makeup that enhances her “harder” side. That along with perfect glistening white dentures says sophisticated lady, not a rural begorrah babe. I’m excluding her auburn mane from my analysis. Rating: “A++”.

      2) BOOBAGE: I immediately fell in love & lust with these natural beauties on seeing them. A perfect size and despite the irregular and slightly large aureoles these well rounded firm mounds do the young lady proud. There really isn’t any more to add, except they would qualify for my top 10 finest boobs. Too bad she doesn’t have that strategically placed third nipple. That’d be the highlight of today’s anatomical analysis. Rating: “A+++”.

      3) TORSO & UPPER THIGH: I’m combining these two areas because Denny has obviously cropped the photograph to sate his moral abhorrence of revealing the mons veneris. Fur bearing or bald it’s a delight to gaze upon in most women. Hillary Clinton is an exception unless you’re a young hot female bent upon climbing the Democrat ladder and averse to giving Slick Willie a blow job.
      Any way this lady’s mid-section and thigh areas rate high on the scale. Smooth, firm and totally devoid of any blemishes. Rating: “A++”.

      Toejam overall rating: “A++”.

      Right up there with the best, alright. Thanks Ray for your contribution to Saturday’s debauchery at Denny’s den. Today’s a play catch up on housework and tax preps. So I forgo my Fem de la Femme forage visit to the mall. As the temperatures are dropping and the chance of rain rises I doubt there’d be any eye candy worthy of viewing anyway. To paraphrase Scarlett O’Hara’s final line in the epic masterpiece: Gone with the wind (The same condition my jockey shorts are after a healthy, moist fart)……Tomorrow is another Day. I can see the Spanish moss hanging from the Cypress trees as the scene fades to black.”

      • There it is! This is not the first time he got caught giving different reviews for the same photo. Saying that. Toejam’s reviews, and G.O.C other tidbits are the only reason to visit this page. The thrill of looking at a page from a magazine is not too high on my list. …OK she left the room keep em comming

      • A/D, Drop your cock and grab your socks. Get off the rocker, turn on the light in your room, stop drooling it’s time for your meds.

        Your idea of “fine women is a tad warped.

        I’m waiting for you to submit a current picture of a full frontal nude of Cher’s daughter “Chaz” turned son for Saturday’s Boobage.

        Go for it A/D….Caitlyn Jenner will thank you!

  2. Saturday Boobage is supposed to be lighthearted entertainment…lets not throw our Depends at each other & try keep it light.
    I don’t care what her rating is…if they,re nice looking, young ,vibrant and if she has a nice personality to round it all out in my mind, then I’m willing to fall in love for a least as long as the page is up.

  3. Grow up d-bags. Women are not objects. If you are as conservative as you claim to be you might know a thing or two from the Bible. Women were not created for your sexual enjoyment. Our breasts or rear ends are not for you to oogle while you jack yourselves off. I don’t care if the dimwit in the picture has chosen to show them off. This is highly disrespectful and this young woman is too ignorant to know better. She is too blinded by a culture that says she only has worth because of her boobs or her pretty face. Porn addiction is an illness that requires treatment. Sadly you fools think it’s perfectly acceptable to behave in this manner because the culture accepts it. Which one of you is going to be “felling like a woman” the next time you’re shopping at Target? Thank God for the 2nd amendment

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