Saturday Boobage 4-9-2016

Another beauty from AlphaDelta. She’s Australian. G’day mate!


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7 comments on “Saturday Boobage 4-9-2016

  1. If TJ dares say anything mean about this paradigm of an Aussie shiela, I shall not say anything nice to him never ever!
    Must say, she looks very much like the Court reporter in my home town; and the Police Prosecutor; and the Dentist. But not quite as good looking as the lass in the pharmacy. So there TJ!

  2. Boy I’d like to go down under on her. Forget those flap jack, manhole cover sized nips, I could forgo those for something in her southern hemisphere.

  3. Whoa, A/D that’s one Polynesian Pooper Pal. Check out that squat. She’s ready to drop a 3 pound brown bomb right on that small log on the ground. Ya know an interesting fact? When your bowel spasms strike during a “let’s rough it” weekend in the boondocks and you have to do your “thing” outdoors there are several tips you can take to ease the squeeze. One: Find a small tree with a trunk about 6 inches in diameter. Check the area for fire ants, wasps and other creatures ready to make your life intolerable. Then place a rock, small branch or in an emergency use your finger to draw an 8 inch circle in circumference with cross-hairs directly under the place where your anus resides about 12 inches above. Your inner mind needs an object to “sight on”. Then make sure you grasp the tree firmly, keep your spine straight and bend at the knees while leaning slightly back until the pressure on your arms is comfortable. Do not force the inevitable bomb drop. Let gravity and the involuntary rhythm of your bowl muscles do the work. Stare at a distant object, clench your teeth and await the anal orgasm. Oh yea, I hope your anti-diarrhea pills are working and you brought some toilet paper with you. The only substitute are nearby leaves (check for poison Ivy) or your left hand while holding to the tree with your right. Then return to the campsite and relate your experience to your lady friend. The very descriptive lengthy oration will tend to raise her estrogen levels to the point where she’ll drag you into the tent and you both will have a pleasurable afternoon as long as the residual bowel gas is not too Sulfur laden.

    Well, I guess I strayed a little off course on today’s lecture. So let’s begin.

    1) FACE: Surprisingly non-slutish. Clear, clean features unhindered by the Portland cement pancake makeup. Nice eyes that say: “watch me give birth, big boy”. Yup definitely a cut above the other Play Boy Playmates. Rating: “A++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Aureoles the size of the Roman coliseum and slightly bloated babylons are gonna drag the score down, but nevertheless the overall picture is bright. I figure she’s been in the jungle a while and the “Elephantiasis tropica” caused by a particularly nasty parasite call the “Wuchereria bancrofti” has caused the enlargement. A few months back in civilization and heavy doses of Anthelmintic meds prescribed by a qualified Infectious disease Specialist will have the lady back to a normal 36D in jig time. Rating: “B+”.

    3) LEGS: I’m skipping the midsection today and jumping to the lady’s finest assets. Tanned, smooth and very nicely shaped lower appendages. In her squat before skat position it’s difficult and frankly frustrating to analyze those lovely legs properly. But I can, by my expert analysis say they rate high on the scale. Rating: “A++”.

    Toejam overall rating: “A+”.

    Today’s shaping up as a perfect weather day. Perfect for the first week in January. It’s clear and cold with temperatures not going over 50 F. That’s not good. Women will be wearing unrevealing clothing and mostly staying under the local mall roofs. Not good for erection arousing strolling through the park gazing a scantily clad young, svelte nymphs. I guess ya gotta take the good with the bad and blame the climate conditions on Al Gore.

    I gotta get my ass in gear and get the house ship-shape. I have a feeling DDP’s gonna pay a surprise visit and a very pleasant surprise it will be. I can’t wait till she wraps those well-toned legs around my neck and takes me to a dangerous level of Erotic asphyxiation. Of course, until I reach an unconscious state my tongue will be working its magic, thus creating an even stronger contraction of DDP’s abductor muscles. Oh the very thought has me in a hyperhidrosis sweat!

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