Saturday Boobage 5-7-2016

Toejam emailed me that he will be away from his computer this weekend. I wrote him back and told him that I would try to find some girl with little boy boobs. Everett sent me this lady and said TJ would prolly like her.


Click on image to enlarge.

Truth be told, I almost married a girl with boobs this size.

19 comments on “Saturday Boobage 5-7-2016

  1. We put way too much emphases on the boobs. I prefer a more intellectual analysis. It is all in the quality of the head.

    • It IS possible (though challenging) to find a woman with big boobs and a high IQ. I found one and married her. Medical professional, dark hair, blue eyes, D cup boobs. Check, check, check, and check. Took some convincing, but she agreed to say “yes” if I promised to unchain the basement door.

  2. Chuck from Tacoma, I like quality head too….this young lady is a beauty. But I’m wondering why she’s hiding her left nipple?

  3. I prefer them anywhere from tennis ball-sized to baseball-sized myself. This one might make a good replacement for my broken ironing board.

    As Pete Townshend once said, “at least I’d get my washing done…”

  4. I clicked on the image fourteen times and her boobage never enlarged. She is pretty, but this is BOOBAGE Saturday after all.

  5. Even with the fish hook dangling from it, she has a beautiful little
    innie tummy button. That helps make up somewhat for the lack
    of boobie volumn

  6. Ahhhh man, I just love em all! Big ones, little ones, big nips, little nips, flat, saggy, perky, just doesn’t matter. If they’re available ……. I’m a happy feller!

  7. Monday and I’m back.

    Yup she’s one hot mama, alright. I’m giving here a Toejam overall rating of “A++++” right off the bat. Perfect sized chest ornaments and fantastic thighs. What more could any adorer of the female body want?

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