Two Gummint Slowdowns

This year we are witnessing two gummint slowdowns. The first one is the TSA. Pissed at not having their budget increased they have decided to piss off passengers. Gummint is the only organization that delights in pissing off their customers. Think of the DMV and the TSA. The TSA claims they need more workers. This is, of course, bullshit. Every Time I have flown out of Atlanta, I have seen TSA drones standing around doing nothing and the ones who are “working” are usually snippy with their customers, the passengers. I can still remember the memorable words of Senator Tom Daschle when they were creating the TSA, “To professionalize, you must federalize.” What a crock of shit that was as we are observing today.

My sister and her husband flew to Europe last week and they drove here to fly out of Atlanta. They were dreading the long lines at Hartsfield-Corrupt Mayor Airport, so they had me drive them there five hours early. They were flying out of the brand new Corrupt Mayor International Terminal so I told them the lines might be shorter. They were. Here is an email my bil sent me after they had cleared security.

Checking in 5 hours early gets you through security in about 15 minutes. Then we get to spend the extra time enjoying features of the pristine mega-million dollar Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal. Things like all three empty “hi-stack” towel dispensers in the men’s room. Exciting conversation with the terminal and airline staff in which contact with the janitorial staff cannot be established. Stimulating CNN media presentations on loss of wild habitat to evil humans who perniciously subvert ecological balance by choosing to farm. Inability to escape said media saturation in any gate holding area.
Air travel is such a joy!

The powers that be at the airport are considering shuttling people to the international terminal and running them through security there to alleviate the lines at the domestic terminal.

The other slowdown we are witnessing is in law enforcement due to the Ferguson effect. Liberals can deny this but it is true. If I were a cop I would try to stay out of situations where I might have to use deadly force against a black person. Yeah, some shootings are bogus and the cop should be punished for committing murder, but others are justified like St. Michael of Swisher Sweets. The guy was a thug and Wilson was justified in taking him out. Wilson’s life is ruined because he did his job.

If you don’t believe the Ferguson effect why else have murders gone up in places like Chicago and Baltimore. Chicago alone is on track to have one hundred more murders this year than last year. Eighty-five percent of these killings involve young black males. Keep in mind that Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. Hows that working out? Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Detoilet, and other large cities don’t have a gun problem, they have a young black males with guns problem. Of course it’s not politically correct to point this out because it is raaaaaa-cist. Anyway, cops are trying to stay out of situations where they may have to use deadly force and by doing so end their careers. I don’t blame them. When you have a mayor like the one in Baltimore who said the rioters and looters needed space to riot and loot what’s a cop to do? Of course, the people who suffer are the ones in black communities. You demonize cops and want them to stay out of your neighborhoods and this is what you get.