Crime Does Pay In Atlanta

A few years ago there was a huge scandal with the Atlanta Public Schools (APS). It turns out that too many kids could not pass the CTRE exams mandated under the No Child Left Behind Law. No problem. Some teachers gave the kids the correct answers. Other teachers simply changed the answers on the exams so more kids passed and were advanced to the next grade. Because it appeared that APS had done better, bonuses were awarded. The Superintendent of APS, Beverly Hall, got a big award. Statistically, the grades seemed impossible, which they were. An investigation ensued. Over thirty people were involved and the rot went all the way to the top. Fortunately for Beverly Hall, she died before the trials started. Many of the teachers and administrators copped a plea or agreed to testify against other teachers and administrators and lost their licenses but received little or no jail time. Three people are still fighting it proclaiming their innocence. By the way, every single person involved was black.

Now we have a new scandal. Josie Love, the principal at Carver School of Technology in Atlanta, back in 2015 ordered a secretaryt to give B grades to dozens of students who had been taught by substitutes and had not been given grades. The secretary refused. She lost her job. Other staff entered the B grades. So, did Josie Love get fired for this? Nope. The Atlanta school board voted unanimously to give her the job of the new strategic director for human resources for high schools. I guess that means she can help hire other ethically challenged employees like herself. Disgusting!