Saturday Boobage 6-11-2016

A redhead from PJ.


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18 comments on “Saturday Boobage 6-11-2016

  1. Wow! A real girl. No piercings, no silicone, no horrid makeup, but perky boobage, the most adorable nipples ever, wasp-waisted, and wholesome good looks. Tasty. If TJ objects in any way to this offering on the altar of femininity, then he needs surgery.

    • The Neon Madman,

      May the fleas of a thousand syphilis infected camels migrate to your armpits!

      And may the larvae of a million leprosy infected Peruvian giant yellow-leg centipedes invade your bowels.

      • Way to go Toe Jam!

        Ya’ told The Neon Madman right!

        Listen, I don’t always agree with your assessments and opinions either, but I like to dig ya’ for it when I don’t. Its all in fun as it should be.

        As was said many years ago; “Opinions are like ass-holes, everybody has one.” But – The Neon Madman seems to have more than his share of “Ass-holiness”.

        Really, Neon Madman, Go with the flow, roll with the punches and either enjoy the comments or don’t read them.

        Or go to some other site where your vitrolic personality is better appreciated, such as an illegal-wetback site that hates Trump.

  2. Wow. A beautiful little redhead with a beautiful little innie tummy
    button and perky boobs. I agree with neon, I gave up reading toefaggots Depends disposable diapers contents long ago.

  3. The perfect Nordic woman is every way. The boobs are but 1 of the fine qualities here. The face the hair the hips to waist ratio the non scribbled on flawless skin no scrap metal. This dame just oozes feminine perfection.

  4. Red in bed gives the best head. I learned that from a hot German redhead from Essex county New Jersey back about 40 years ago. I can’t give her real name so I’ll just refer to the stout Kraut as: “Grand-mistress “B”. She had a body with 38’D tits shaped like the nose cones of M-48 torpedoes tipped with instant contact fuses. Her lips were not bloated but when wrapped around my pecker they’d cling like the jaws of a crocodile. And that brilliant rust red hair spread across my thighs like a silk blanket. OH MAN! I get shivers just thinking about Grandmistress “B” deeply inflating her lungs as she hummed the Air Force Hymn. Off Toe goes into the wild blue yonder.

    Enough rambling and let’s see if todays honey hits the high score notes.

    1) FACE: OH YEA. Besides the flame red hair, freckles and purrrrrrfect nose her lips are thin, moist and ready for action. A porn star she may be but put a habit on her and the Presentation nuns would welcome her into their cloistered sanctuary. Rating: “A++++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: WOW. I’m seriously impressed despite the slightly enlarged aureoles. Her mammary sacs are just the right size. Not too big, not too small. And perfectly hung to swing in the summer air. Rating: “A++++”.

    3) TORSO: Svelte, toned and compact. I’d like to slide Mr. Johnson from her pelvic area up between those finely crafted tits. The sudden stop would cause Senor Prostate to regurgitate his contents directly into her gaping oral cavity. Bulls-Eye! Rating: “A++++”.

    4) LEGS: Although only her fine alabaster skinned thighs are on display I can surmise from decades of observation those lower appendages are objects of beauty. Once again genetics, a good diet and healthy exercise have combined to bring us anatomical nirvana. Rating: “A++++”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A++++”. And a well deserved high mark. That mark wins this lady a solid 3 day weekend with me at the Motel 6 of her choice as long as it’s within a radius of 50 miles from my Smokey Mountain chateau. I’ll turn that red mane into twisted, sweat soaked knots. And those freckles will sparkle like stars in the milky way. Come on baby let the good times roll cause I’m gonna fill your hole.

    Time to get my ass out and enjoy a 90 degree almost naked young babe stroll in the park day. Their petit little braless boobs bouncing under skimpy halter tops and their camel toes straining to escape their short-shorts.

    Oh the glory of youth.

    • Should I be concerned that Trump outsourced his women? Did he really need to bring in foreigners to give the “jobs” American women wouldn’t give?

      • Should Alpha males be bound to seeking out pill popping inheritance hoi polloi damsels such as Cindy McCain, just ’cause they’re born American?

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