Saturday Boobage 6-25-2016

Mike M. sent me this B&W picture of a blonde.


Click on image to enlarge. Click again to enlarge further.

14 comments on “Saturday Boobage 6-25-2016

  1. Holy Jehoshaphat! No metal, no weird makeup, no ghoulish fake fingernails, B&W accentuates the basic curves; what’s not to love? I’d spank her for free!

    I don’t know who Mike M. is but he’s a friend.

  2. She is looking at me in a quizzical way – as if saying “straighten your toupee and put your dentures in before you ask if I want sunscreen”. But we can look; and as Maurice Aznavour would sing “Thank Heaven for little girls…Good work Denny and Mike M !

  3. I’ve been trying to take photos like that all my life. I suppose it would help if I had a model…

    And Thomas the Tout, what you’re saying is all too familiar.

  4. Ron in Ohio Sez:

    Wow! Shades of those small 50’s digest size, girly magazines (Ya’ know, the ones small enough to fit in a comic book so that the guy running the news stand didn’t know you were peeking at ladies boobies) Anyway – That cutie is very nostalgic.

    • I’m here babe. Was visiting my daughter yesterday. We had a great day. She, a few of her friends and I toured the lady’s rooms in Charlotte. They peed and I, being the consummate gentleman just admired the décor.

      Yesterday’s boobage display is a credit to Denny. Perfect tits and fantastic legs. Both duos are purrrfet for some motor-boating and tuna sampling. You know DDP, like we engage in when were romping in Malibu! 🙂

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