Louisiana Floods

You do realize that the flooding going on in Louisiana is worse than Katrina dontcha? By this time in the Katrina cycle Bush was being roasted for taking too long to show up in Nawlins. Mike Brown (“You’re doing a heckuva job Brownie.”) was scapegoated for FEMA. Meanwhile Mayor Asshole and Goverernor Useless were given a pass for their incompetence because they were Dimocrats. Now the LSM propaganda arm of the Dimocart Party has a problem. Since the president and the governor of Louisiana are both Dimocrats, there is no one to blame.

Where is Obungler? He’s vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. He did leave for a fundraiser but didn’t mention the flooding. Imagine if he were a Republican. He hasn’t visited Louisiana yet.

By the way, has FEMA shown up yet? Who is the head of FEMA? Inquiring minds want to know.

Maybe the reason Prez Hussein is not concerned about Louisiana is it appears that most of the people affected are white and we all know how much he hates white people. It also appears that there is not much looting occurring. Once again, it’s because there aren’t many black people affected.

Lots of Cajuns, not too many blacks. I came up with a hashtag on Twitter, #CoonassLivesMatter. Unfortunately, I only have 29 followers so that will go nowhere just like #crookedcankles. On Twitter I’m @cripdude

I wonder how long it will take for Bammy to tour the devastation in Louisiana? We know the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party will not treat him any where near the way they treated Bush.

It must be nice to be a Dimocrat. Look at what Crooked Cankles has already gotten away with. And this career crook may well be our next president.

We’re doomed!

Update: Soetero’s quote attacking Bush after Katrina. Thanks to Ron for giving me a link to it.

“I can say from personal experience how frustrating, how unconscionable it is, that it has been so difficult to get medical supplies to those in need quickly enough. Indeed, if there’s any bright light that has come out of this disaster, it’s the degree to which ordinary Americans have responded with speed and determination even as their government has responded with unconscionable ineptitude.”

Meanwhile Trump will visit Louisiana before Obumbler and Crooked Cankles. You’re doing a helluva job Bammy. How’s that driver working out for you? Your short game? Putting?