Saturday Boobage 8-13-2016

Rayko sent me this one.


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  1. Sorry for the late start folks. My local massage parlor announced last week they were giving senior citizens a free air-conditioned massage to celebrate the “Dog days of August” with a happy ending in the doggie position. How the hell could I not take that offer? The kicker was the freebee had to be administered in their “off regular business hours”. My massage (Woof) was scheduled for 0730 today. It was fantastic. I got 2 masseuses. Both about 18 with coffee colored smooth bodies and from Thailand. Lady #1 is named: Chailai and the “rear seat driver”: Kamlai. No they’re not related but they do come from the same village. I’m not going to tell you all the intimate details, but a few taunting “tit-bits” won’t hurt. In the final minutes before my time and other things were “up” my fuel nozzle was firmly ensconced in Chailai’s anatomical filler tube while Kamlai was positioned so that her oral labia were firmly, but tenderly wrapped around my twin fuel tanks. I’ll leave the rest of the “on-bed” refueling saga up to your imaginations.

    I can see today’s beauty is sporting gigando aureoles. But after my session this morning I kinda tired so I’ll go easy on my expert appraisal.

    1) FACE: Definitely of Nordic stock. But hiding behind a tree in Norwegian Wood (Thanks Paul, John, George & Ringo) doesn’t hide the fact she’s had some chemical help in achieving that faux straw colored hair. Yes she is actually and technically a “blonde” but her roots say strawberry. Her pout is meant to reveal her dark-side. You know like the fact she likes to tie her male and female partners down and use an electric cattle-prod to their most sensitive parts. Her lips also tell me she enjoys playing the flute. Her favorite tune is a Celtic rendition of the Door’s famous: “The end”. Rating: “A+”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Definitely not stuffed. They appear to be the real deal but they are marred by those huge aureoles and a little downward sag. Their mass to size ratio must be on the high side of normal. Other than that I find them rather alluring and sexually attractive. Rating: “A++”.

    3) ALL THE REST: Her torso and thighs are mostly hidden behind that 8-inch Quercus robur (That’ a pedunculate oak for you botanical neophytes) so I can’t really examine them up close. They appear to firm and well-proportioned but in the still hazy stupor of a post prostate-spasm I can’t make any qualified evaluation. Default Rating: “A”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A+”.

    Alas I’m spent for the morning. That’s what happens when you’re near the Octogenarian mark. On the up side Chailai whispered in my ear as I was recuperating from out hour long carnal caper: “Toeboy, you love us (her and Kamlai) looooong time. You Numba 1. Come back soon and you get 75% off with a coupon from AARP.

    ลาก่อน, round-eye!

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