Saturday Boobage 8-6-2016

Just for Toejam. I hope he likes the areolae.


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9 comments on “Saturday Boobage 8-6-2016

  1. Hot Boob-a-licious, Denny! Those knockers and the perfect aureoles have lifted my spirits and my ding-dong at the same time. Although the bodacious ta-tas appear to be a tad large I think they may be Mother Nature’s creation with no assistance from Dr. Finkelstein. You’ve outdone yourself my friend. And more good news. Denny you can cash that “contribution” check on Monday there will be enough funds to cover it in the bank. I snatched some from the pallet loaded with 400 million in various currencies the Bungler-in-Chief sent to Iran as a ransom payment. Apparently the goat-fuckers can’t count very well or the measly amount of $10,000 went unnoticed.

    Ok, I better cease before Mr. Comey’s stooges some looking for me. I never intended to purloin the cash. That worked for the Lesbo. I wonder if it will stand up for a horny senior citizen Heterosexual?

    1) FACE: Not bad and NOT blonde. My surefire patented “eyebrow indicator” tells me she’s mid-shade brown at best. Possibly ochre. Hydrogen Peroxide can be used for other things than Warner Von Brown’s V-2’s. As we take an eyeball tour of this babes face we discover the dreaded “bloated-lip” syndrome. That little compensation for dull-witted female insecurities is right up there with lumbar tats, Pierced nipples & labia and bleached anuses. I do not approve and if my mother were still alive and come home with lips the size of a Mack truck’s inner tubes I’d let her know. Rating: “C”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Lacking a leg shot I have to place my seal of approval on her mammary equipment. Slightly oversized, bit nicely shaped, firm and for once the proper light rose-hued adornments. I’d suck on those sweethearts and squeeze them like Hugh MacDonald’s cherished bagpipes till her faux blonde hair disappeared through her nasal passages. Rating “A++”.

    3) TORSO: Not bad. Slim and trim. Toned by a fat-free diet and a high amount of sexual activity that includes flexing from the waist while bobbin’ on the nobbin’. I’d consider having her bloated lips wrapped around Mr. Johnson while I watched her tight ass shimmy and shake. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A-“.

    Ah yes. Yet another fine Saturday analysis in the tank. I’m right up there with Rush Limbaugh. Always right 99.8% of the time. I’m forgoing my usual Saturday forage for scantily clad 16 year old babes in the park today. I have more important projects on the burner. I can’t reveal the details but the overall picture is a D.C. objective. That’s Destroy Cankles not District of Columbia for all you geographically challenged folks. Yup, Mr. Trump needs all the help he can muster because the Demo-rats and the Liberal Hillary ass-sucking Media (That includes the Social media) have launched a full blown attack on my candidate and I, along with other like-minded folks are going to fight back. Our meeting today will determine the course of the fight. But have no fear we will triump despite the heavily weighted odds.

    Wish me luck and remember; ‘We take our stand for freedom and to rid America of the Clinton threat that will plunge this great country into a Communist abyss that it will never be able to escape. And with the sledge hammer of Commie censorship our beloved “Saturday Boobage” will be just a fond memory. “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, sweat and a couple pairs of “skid-mark” jockey shorts, but I’ll fight her on the interstate, on the basketball courts of this great nation. And we shall triumph, or my name isn’t Phineas Sherman Toejam.”

  2. Well, this lady’s had a fair amount of coin spent at the plastic surgeon. Breast enhancement, lips, and perhaps even a rib removed (!). I’d disagree with toejam about the blonde part, she has blue eyes, and I’ve never seen blue eyes with brown hair.

    • I’ve seen a lot of brown haired girls with blue eyes. The girl I almost married had brown hair and the prettiest blue eyes I ever saw. My mother had brown hair and blue eyes. You must not have seen very many women. I have brown hair and blue eyes as does my sister. Many German and English girls have brown hair and blue eyes. My mother was 100% German, and my dad, who had black hair and blue eyes was 100% Brit. I’ll agree on the lips. Looks like collagen.

  3. Eyebrows don’t lie, tweell.

    The peeper bushes are brown. A real blonde would be blonde. Another indicator are the beaver pubes. I plunked a Polish girl in the 1970’s whose carpet was blonde as could be. Between her eyebrows and pubes you could tell her cranial locks were the real deal. Unfortunately, she had the I.Q. of a doorknob so our relationship ended after a few months.

  4. Big and saggy silicone blobs for boobs. Why do you think her arms are way over her head? Gravity has been cruel here. Meh.

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