Saturday Boobage 8-20-2016

Another blonde from Rayko.


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10 comments on “Saturday Boobage 8-20-2016

  1. There is more than boobage on display. Take, for instance, her teeth. Most remiss of her parents not to take her to the orthodontist, and have those incisors re-aligned.

  2. We got beaver and it aint’ from the Cleaver family. My experienced and analytical eye focused right in on that little labia mound of pleasure. Granted the photo is kinda dark. Needs some side lighting, but the vagina Valley is definitely present. Denny usually crops the “birthing area”. I think it is something Freudian to do with a difficult entry into the world. Or it might be latent-homosexual tendencies under the surface between the alter-ego and the Libido. Who knows, I know a qualified Freudian or do I dabble in Fritz Perl’s Gestalt discipline, but all the signs are there.

    OK, Gotta make this quick. I managed to score another “Senior Massage Therapy session” with my 2 favorite Thai babes at 0930.

    1) FACE: The usual porn/Play Boy features. But if you zoom-in you’ll see the eye in an unusual “up-turned” fashion that indicates possible brain damage. It appears her hair is the real flaxen shade. Another method of determining the genuine color is the texture of the individual hair strands. Hers are thick and course. Typical of the Eastern European blonde body hair. Her down-turn lips are in a typical position that indicates major depression and a possible lesion in the Somatosensory Cortex. Sometimes referred to as a Sardonic smile (AKA: Goofy Grin). Not good. Anyway I kinda like the blonde hair. This very abundant course mop makes a great playground for the male sexual organ. (HEH) Rating: “A”.

    2) BOOBAGE: I’m at odds over declaring natural, but I’m gonna go for it. A pair of enlarged aureoles and a few bare visible cankers does not lower her rating. Her breasts could, however, use a short and inexpensive “up-lift” procedure so I’ll refer her to the well known and very professional Doctor Finkelstein. For minor stuff like that he does do house calls. He has a specially equipped Ford Transit van for the purpose. It’s called “The Breast Express” and it’s entire interior is covered with “perfect breast” diagrams so the ladies, and occasional Trannies, can make life altering decisions. Rating: “A”.

    3) TPL (TORSO-PUBIS- LEGS): All these arrears are very nice. Firm, toned and under the microscope they appear to be delectably sensual. Something to while away the hours and remove the collection of bacteria, fungi, and dead cells from your tongue. Of course it would help if the young lady would refrain from depilating for 5 or 6 days so as to create a course surface. That enhances both the foreign matter removal and the sexual pleasure of both individuals. Rating: “A+”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A”. Just slipped under the “A+” bar.

    As stated above I’m looking forward to todays Thigh kneading by my much needed Thais. I’m fantasizing about their fingers, lips, tongues and feet traveling all over my naked body. I’m even going for the boobie-bobbing while they go for the testicle-tasting. OMFG, the very thought has me in a sever sweat. See what your missing DDP? The time grows short while my member grows long.

    • Can’t see a thing in the genital area which is why I didn’t bother to crop. I say one more time, it’s Saturday Boobage, not Saturday Beaver, which is why I crop. How many times do I have to ‘splain that to you?

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