Crooked Cankles Can’t Remember Joke

When asked about her calls on a drone strike on Julian Assange Crooked Cankles said that she can’t remember joking about a drone strike. For once Hacking Hillary is telling the truth. She wasn’t joking about a drone strike on Assange. She was serious when she said, “Can’t we just drone him?” At first, the other people at the meeting thought she was making a joke but as she went on, they realized that she wasn’t joking. She was serious. She wanted to take him out and still does. After all, look at the Clinton body count. You don’t cross the Ozark Mafia.

Isn’t it amazing that Thunder Rodent Thighs keeps saying that we should be talking about “the issues” while the focus of her campaign seems to be on Trump’s tax returns and him calling an overweight porn star Miss Piggy? Spawn of Clinton sez the same thing while attacking Trump’s character.

Stuff like this goes way back with the Clintons. I can remember back in the 90’s them whining about the “politics of personal destruction” when they were the masters of it. The projection is strong with the Clintons.

They need to take the focus off of the issues like Syria, Libya, Benghazi, the economy, The PIAPS’ health which will make her incapable of handling the rigors of the job, and her total incompetence. Every thing she has touched has failed from Hillarycare to Benghazi. She even failed on Alicia Machado for not properly vetting her. She’s supporting a porn star who was a getaway driver for a murder and the anchor baby mama for a Mexican drug lord. It’s a good thing the SJWs at Wikipedia were on the job sanitizing Machado’s entry on Monday. Here’s some info on her.