The Elephant In The Room

Another Sunday and another day when I didn’t watch any pro football. As long as the NFL insults me, I will not watch the NFL. The insult started during the Super Bowl when they had that fatassed Beyonce put on an anti-cop show. Then, they decided to support Colon Kaperdick and other black players who refused to stand for the National Anthem to protest the treatment of “oppressed” Negroes. Find a country where you worthless assholes have it better than the United States and move there. You won’t be able to. We have catered to you worthless dickheads for the last fifty years to no avail. We gave you a day off for MLK. Sorry. He did not deserve to be honored by a national holiday. We gave you a black president who has totally fucked up this country and it is still not enough. We have spent over $20 trillion to try and civilize you to no avail. Still not enough. Fuck you!

The ratings are down for the NFL and they cannot figger out why. Various excuses have come forth like the election or streaming devices. The NFL refuses to see the main reason. We are sick and tired of black people protesting.

Back in the late Roman Republic and then the Empire it was Panem et Circenses, bread and circuses. Remember the Hunger Games? The country was Panem and the Hunger Games were the circuses. In Rome, the gladiators said before the games began, “We who are about to die salute you.” Our panem is welfare, EBT cards, and subsidized housing. Our gladitorial games are the NFL. We watch them for entertainment not politics. STFU and play. That’s all we want. We don’t want to see you booger eatin’ moh-rons kneeling or raising your fists. The NFL can’t seem to figger this out.

My sister hasn’t watched an NFL game this year either. She told me of a poll that said Colon was number three as to why ratings were down. I saw another poll where he was number one. Unfortunately, the NFL has been taken over by SJWs and they fuck up every thing. The NFL would rather cater to their Negro players rather than where the money comes from, the fans. The players are gladiators. They play for us. If they won’t respect the flag, it’s time for them to go. Goodell and the owners have to realize this. It’s the elephant in the room. How much longer will it take before the sponsors start asking for reduced rates?

I hope the ratings continue to tank. Hit them in the wallet where it hurts. Boycott the NFL.