Under Two Hours!

They finally did it! They got the Chicago shot clock under two hours. That’s the incidence of shootings in Chicago. It has been hovering at a person shot once every two hours for the past month. With all of the shootings over the weekend it is now a person shot every one hour and fifty-nine minutes. Congrats Chicago! Way to go! Notice also that a person is murdered every eleven hours and eighteen minutes. This is as a result of the Ferguson Effect. The next goal is to get it down to someone murdered every eleven hours. Can they do it? I’m sure they can. Think of the riots if Trump wins.


More stats here.

Keep in mind that most of these shootings and killings involve black people. Where is Black Lives Matter? They are silent about this. This is far worse than cops shooting black men. This is black men killing black men, and killing black children as collateral damage. Black Lives Matter. Yeah. Pull my finger.