14 comments on “Satuday Boobage 10-22-2016

  1. No apparent piercings; no tattoos; demure expression; clean shirt; stunning hair. Obviously treats her body as a temple. Well worth worshipping !

  2. She’s got the “girl next door” look alright. But lots of “girls next door” are generally the neighborhood sperm banks. Lots of deposits and few withdrawals make big bucks for Planned Parenthood. Nevertheless that Democrat back organization is the main source of “fetal tissue” and unlike “fracking” that procedure is safe for the environment. I bet today’s honey has had a few suction procedures done and I don’t mean of the “labia-to-labia” kind either.

    OK, I’m gonna be kind because this lady, besides being squeaky clean cute has some minor faults. On the plus side she wasn’t nominated by Alpha/Delta. I guess he’s run out of cousins.

    1) FACE: Her raven-red hair appears to be almost natural and that natural is supported by the cute freckles on her nose. I wonder if she has some similar reddish-brown speckles just above her moist clitoral crowned tunnel of love? I’m thinking we won’t go there today. Her features are nice but rough. I believe this lady is of Eastern-European extraction. Maybe even Finnish or Estonian. Don’t ask me how I’ve come up with that. Just years of experience. As I said before those cute freckles on her pug nose are like speckles on an ice-cream cone. Lick-able, of course. Rating: “A”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Natural as a 7 or 11 in craps. Yup they are bodacious melons alright. And her aureoles are within the TBA (Twat & Boob Association) acceptable range too. However, there is a matter of the cankers. 3 just below the neck-line and 2 especially nasty one on the left boob will cost. We’re in a close examination situation here and they cannot be discounted. The “sag element” can’t be ignored either. I think she needs a regimen of Titercize to bring those beauties to a new height. All in all though she deserves a solid: “A++”.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “A+”. Not bad for a Lapland peasant living in a Kota on the tundra.

    Today is another Saturday to avoid outdoor activities. I awoke to a mid-40’s temperature and overcast. On top of that every asshole in the world will be out and about in their SUV’s, Pick-Up’s and 20 year old Cadillac sedans looking at the fucking leaves. OH Martha look at those beautiful colors. Put down that crocheting ya old bitch, get your bifocals out and just drool all over your walker while eyeballing the leaves. After all were due back at the old age home before the sun goes down. You’ve seen one freakin’ leaf you’ve seen ’em all. They clog up the roads so bad I’ve had to forgo my trips to the “Happy Ending” massage parlor till December.

    Grumbling comes easy today. I’m so sick of the election bullshit I think I’ll blockade myself and a few bottles of wine in my bedroom and come out after they declare Trump president-elect and he accepts the results. And in closing may a curse fall upon you, your children and their children if you even consider pulling the lever for the bobble-head Lesbo.

  3. “I believe this lady is of Eastern-European extraction. Don’t ask me how I’ve come up with that.”

    Perhaps from her name in the background shadows…

      • Indeed. Visit her website: AlisaVerner.com But send the kids out of the room before you click through to her site.

        I create photo shoots in a variety of genres. I can do personal portraits, capture the joy of your children or your child’s first steps and even capture your most tender moments of romance….But my most favourite genre, of course, is erotic! The endlessly inspiring beauty of the female body. I try to photograph this beauty in all its forms: elegance, tenderness, passion, stockings, fetish, heels, femininity, love, aromatic, sensual, air, spring and the sun that is in women and all around….

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