Saturday Boobage 11-12-2016

Chuck sent me this one.

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12 comments on “Saturday Boobage 11-12-2016

  1. Looks like Chelsea Clinton after an extreme makeover. On second thought the only thing that would improve her disgusting, bloated ashen-white anatomy would be an out of body experience. It was a tense week up to Wednesday morning. Nail biting right down to the quick tense. I figured the Dimocritters would have figured out how to “cook the voting books”. If they did they only served ’em up rare. Wednesday morning was a shocker alright and I can only figure one other incident in my 74 years that would equal that. Back in elementary school I had a friend named john. John and I use to hang around together and we’d often wind up at his house. His mom Kaye was about 36 at the time and as hot as a Bessemer Blast furnace going full tilt. She was about 5 foot 10 inches, lean and her legs were the most shapely, smooth and constituted about 1/2 of her height. In the summer she would don a 2 piece and lay out in the back year getting a nice tan. One day I arrived over to find Kaye in her usual recliner soaking up the July rays. I asked if John was in the house. She said she had sent him to the town store to pick up a few things and he’d be back in about 1/2 hour. Of course my eyes were glued on Kaye’s gorgeous gams all the time. It hadn’t occurred to me in my lust that she had noticed my state and the drool dripping from my chin. A slight smile came across her face and she softly said: “You seem to like what you see”. Alarm bells went off in my semi-comatose brain. Oh shit I’m in big trouble. Then she said: “I’ve got the sexiest legs in the neighborhood.” “Why don’t you feel how soft they are?” Of course after one short stroke my underwear was mushy in front and I said, “I’ll head to town and meet up with John there. I never pedaled my Raleigh 3 speed so fast. So fast in fact that I added a little more scrotal starch to my BVD’s. Memories!

    OK, It’s a great day albeit cool so I must not dally.

    1) FACE: Nice auburn hair framing a very soft almost innocent Madonna (the Mother of Jesus Madonna not the one who offered blow-jobs for Hillary votes) face. I think this photo might be of a neophyte nude model taken by her current boyfriend/girlfriend in a secluded house. In any event she’s a great relief from the usual pancake makeup smeared slut Denny usually offers up on a Saturday morning. Rating: “A+++”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Au Naturel in every way. Firm, symmetrical and solid. Best of all her aureole to boob ration is “spot on”. Denny must be slipping. He figures smallish aureoles are not visually acceptable. In any event as soon as I saw those small aureoles tipped by the finest “rosebud nipples” I wanted to nibble on the nipple. Just enough to send my lady into a spasm of sensual lust to evoke a Tsunami size “Madonna Moan”. Yes, the M.M. does exist. Check it out here:
    Rating: “A+++”. It could have been an all-time 4+ rating but for the several small but visible cankers high above her left chesticle.

    Toejam’s Overall rating and well deserved: “A+++”

    Ah yes another glorious day in the Hood. The Liberal assholes are still sulking in their loss and us Trumpsters are strutting around with “Trump Deplorabes” T-shirts even though the temperature is about 55 degrees. I was reading about the West Coast “riots”. What a bunch of ignorant spoiled Anarchist snowflakes. I hope they work themselves into a big enough frenzy that the police have to use lethal force. Heck, when Obama won the election in November 2007 nary a peep was heard from the Rhino turds. But then the only non-politician in America hadn’t arrived on the scene.

    All I have to say to the rioting minions is: “Fuck you, Fuck your momma. Eat shit and die assholes.” America is on its way to becoming great again!

  2. …Just as God made her. No tat’s, no studs; everything you need and nuthin’ you don’t. Time to make her a gift of life that her girlfriends just can’t do.

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