Saturday Boobage 11-5-2016

My friend Pres sent me this.

Am I getting old? A young girl I met recently sent me this picture and asked me, “What do you think?”
I told her I thought she should clean up her bedroom.

You can click on the image if you want a larger image to see how messy her bedroom is.

12 comments on “Saturday Boobage 11-5-2016

  1. Not a great “selfie”. Probably an early version of an Apple Phone. Her room? For a youth of today it’s about average. Kids today don’t have the advantage of parents who care about neatness. If my room even slightly resembled that shit-hole I’d have been beat 10 ways to Cleveland. I had a mother who was a 1950’s stay at home and clean, wash, iron and discipline. Today mom is either at work or going through her 2nd daily workout consisting of “touch-you-toes” & “legs behind your head and hold that position” banging some young muscle-bound stud “personal trainer” after her 1st daily workout. So the little feral rats are free to go their “the world revolves around me” crap spewing, sexting way. I don’t think America is going to survive this generation. When the Muslims take over that may change, however. They like any excuse to behead Infidels. Scanty dress, Homosexuality, adultery and booze possession. Those qualities should make for a huge (deserved) cull of the Metrosexual herd.

    OK, let’s get on with little miss “mess my room” twit’s anatomical analysis.

    1) FACE: I can’t make a good evaluation since 3/4ths is blocked by that piece of shit called a cellphone. I’d have requested she store it in her ass till I took a better quality shot with my Polaroid instamatic 600. Anyway her hair is unkempt and probably not washed in a month. Great for snaring moths, spiders and gnats. Her face has that permanent scowl so evident on under 30’s faces cause they can’t have their daily dose of ecstasy until the UPS delivery van arrives in the afternoon. Rating: “C+”.

    2) BOOBAGE: Actually quite expectable shape and size wise, but lickable only after being power-washed with a Hazmat sterilizing unit designed to eradicate the Ebola virus. Firm, solid, perky and possessing proper aureoles and nipples. Perfectly acceptable and they come with a pamphlet of 1,000 reviews from satisfied users beginning when she was 7 years old. Rating: “B”.

    3) TORSO/THIGHS: Another fine part of the young lady’s anatomical display. Solid tummy and flared just the way Mother Nature meant for multiple child bearing. She should make some college educated or indoctrinated sucker a fine breading ground when she’s in her late 30’s. Until then those solid thighs will make their “rounds” in the colleges all along the east-Coast corridor. Rating: “B+”.

    4) ROOM: No lengthy explanation required: “F”. But that won’t go to her final anatomical score.

    Toejam’s overall rating: “B”.

    Actually she’s pretty doable, especially to a 74 year old guy who depends on a couple of illegal alien Thai sisters to ease the pressure in the scrotum. I met little Jenny again yesterday. You know the 16 year old fast-food worker. I think she’s hot for my bod. How do I know? She gave me extra ingredients in my lunch takeout and didn’t charge. She said I was cute and winked too. I think I’m going to fall for some fine under-age poontang. Hell, even if I get caught it’ll be my 1st offence and at my age the jury might let me off. After all 16 year olds aren’t judged the same way in 2016 as they were in 1956.

    Colder this AM (37F) and I’m not venturing out till noon. By then it might warm up enough for the daring damsels to reveal some flesh.

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