Saturday Boobage 4-1-2017

This one is from Rayko.

19 comments on “Saturday Boobage 4-1-2017

  1. Is that poor girl from Biafra? BTW, kids, ask your grandparents about the news stories showin’ starvin’ Biafran kids so you can understand.
    This poor girl needs to sit down and eat a few meals with you, Denny. Your new regimen of more fats will do her some good and put some meat on her bones. Besides, girls usually say that they first lose fat from their boobs so you’ll be helpin’ her maintain that fine pair.

    • Unfortunately, you are in the minority. The majority thought they sucked. He is no more. I banned him. I warned him. He ignored the warning. The post is about boobage not other body parts.

  2. Denny …Yeah , I will miss Toejam but this is your site ,your rules & If you Trespass , it is at your distress, a good policy but he chose to ignore it.
    As for his disparaging remarks for female anatomy ….I just assumed he was delusional or light in the shorts.

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