Saturday Boobage 4-8-2017

This one is from Don H.

They look like my ex-wife’s boobs did when I married her.

17 comments on “Saturday Boobage 4-8-2017

  1. I once had a girlfriend with a pair like that. They were like huge
    warm soft pillows! It was easy to fall asleep with my head on them.

    • I kicked Toejam off the site. More people hated his reviews than liked them. I got tired of his fixation on little boy nips. I gave him some subtle (like dynamite) hints that he refused to take.

      • Now I know why this spot is more civilised than it once was. Trouble is that we now don’t hear the voice of sweetness and moderation that DDP brought in reply to TJ. But DDP was a small voice compared with TJ’s mega-comments/harangue/polemic/diatribe.

      • I never understood his viewpoint, beauty takes on many forms. I can understand that you may be a Ford truck kind of guy, but if you can’t see the beauty in a Ferrari, BMW or even a ’67 GTO, something is wrong with your soul.

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