AOTW 6-23-2017

Today I’m giving it to ex-Speaker Blinky, the gift that keeps on giving. She and the Dimocrats rammed Obummercare through Congress using legislative maneuvers and the Dimocrat Party has been going downhill ever since. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a Republican Party that would take advantage of the failure of the Dimocrats? She is now 0-4 in special congressional elections this year (0-3 in other special elections) and she is one of the reasons. Here in Georgia Handel and the Republicans tied Osshole to Nancy Pelosi and he did no better in the runoff than he did in the primary election. He wound up getting about the same amount of votes. $30 million and all they got was a cruddy “moral victory”.

The Dimocrats are getting fed up with San Fran Nan and many would like to dump her but they can’t because she has too much power. Why? Because she’s a fucking ATM machine for the Dimocrat Party. All of those rich West Coast liberals donate money that she is able to dole out to Dimocrat candidates. Dimocrats know that if they cross her, next thing they know they will have a primary opponent that she will give millions to. Look at all of the Dimocrats who were willing to commit political suicide to pass Obummercare. Does she know how to whip them in shape? Of course, there are a lot less to whip into shape.

She came out all defiant after the Osshole loss and said that she ain’t going anywhere and we on the right should be glad about that. She and Obungler are the two worst things to happen to the Dimocrats in the last ten years. We hope that she continues to lead the Dimocrat Party for as long as she can. She is delusional and will continue to lead them downhill. We should be thankful for her. I am. That’s why I’m giving her the coveted Asshole of the Week Award. She can show it off in the doctor’s office when she gets her next botox injection.