Another Ron Rant

I got nuttin’. But Ron has.

Ron on.

About a year ago I predicted that DingleBarry would not go quietly but instead use his PotUSemeritusy as a pulpit from which to spew socialist drivel and as a carte blanche for making megabucks in speechifyin and booksellin.

Friggin nailed it, did’n’I? His perfidy hasn’t abated since he vacated the White House. And what’s worse, he’s not preachin to his genuflecting choir here at home but badmouthing his successor in foreign countries.

Hell, even the totally inept and clueless Jimmah Cahtuh waited several years before criticizing or disputing PotUSes who followed him . . . as I recall, he kept his mouth shut ‘til Dubya was in office, and then got involved only when his beloved Muslims were threatened.

Truman kept his mouth shut even though he was dissed BIG-TIME by Eisenhower. And Ike had almost nothing to say about his successor ‘til Oswald silenced JFK, and then he said all the right things.

Hell, even LBJ, one of the biggest assholes ever to tread upon the American stage, just went off quietly and unobtrusively, saying virtually nothing ‘til he died 4 years later. Not exactly classy, but not snotty, either.

Bush I and Shrub Junior have been very mature, patriotic, and non-partisan in their emeritusy. The Old Man actually formed a sort of partnership with the guy who followed him into the role (Slick). Dubya occasionally makes a remark or two about this or that, but generally within the limits of what’s good for the nation, the debt, and the Vets.

Slick himself was never excessively critical of anybody exCEPT the Magic Negro, whom he privately despises. I’m not praising him for his restraint, ‘cause I still think he’s a lying, womanizing, double-dealing, over-rated fraud who lucked out because the Reagan policies bore fruit which nourished his regime.

Lotsa pundits and whiners and hand-wringers complain that Trump’s behavior, especially his twittering and braggadocio, are unpresidential and denigrating our image abroad.

Well . . . so what? What has DJT done that’s more demeaning and demoralizing than DingleBarry’s world-wide apology tour, his dismantling of all the work done over half a century for racial harmony, his doubling of the national debt, his almost deliberate creation of ISIS, his live birth of BLM and AntiFa, his multi-billion-dollar infusion to Iran for its nuke program, his end run around law with his “phone and pen,” his and his wife’s profligacy with millions and millions of treasury dollars for personal trips and vacations, his . . . . aahhh, fuggedaboudit . . . too much typing.

Now, NOW, Soetoro comes out and says – WHILE IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY – “In Paris, we came together around the most ambitious agreement in history about climate change, an agreement that even with the temporary absence of American leadership can still give our children a fighting chance.” There’s more, but that’s enough. In fact, too much.

This guy’s infidelity went off the graph the first day he boarded AF1 for his first trip abroad, and now it’s gone from incremental to exponential. Best way I know to say it comes from the hackney driver in Ghostbusters when Rick Moranis is talking wildly to his horse:

A gentleman, a patriot, a student of history, a refined and honorable man who has assumed the manteaux of emeritusity simply doesn’t make comments like that about a sitting president. It’s just not done. If such things need to be said, let your gophers and groupies say ‘em.

To do so in a public forum as one who demands to be respected as a “been there, done that” leader demonstrates classic egotism, stunning disregard for tradition, and spectacular boorishness.

It is despicable, and although I spent the first quarter-century of my adult life defending his right to say such things as a private citizen, there are limits, and it’s illegal to yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater.

As Henry says of Becket, slightly revised for the nonce, is there no one who can rid us of this embarrassing poseur? Kathy Griffin held up the wrong head.

Ron off.

This just proves that Obungler was never a real American. He never loved the country he led. He’s a racist, a closet Moslem and, of course, an asshole!